Wedding Proposal Ideas

Gone are the days when your prince charming got down on one knee, looked you in the eyes and pulled out a stunning diamond ring from his pocket. It’s the turn of a century so why not in the proposal arena too? If you think your significant other and you are ready to spend the rest of your lives together, don’t wait around for him to pop the question. Here are some proposal ideas to have your partner thinking he/she has got an absolute keeper!

  1. Ad in the media

If your partner is an avid newspaper reader or radio listener? Well, then simply place an ad disguising as a proposal in either of the choices and rest assured your partner will be beyond surprised with the unique idea to grab attention. Ideally, a large graphical ad with a favorite picture of you both alongside add your proposal.

  1. Beachy Prospect

A grand setup on the beach can be awe-inspiring. If you stay close to the beach or are on a holiday with your partner, try choosing a beach that is quiet and picturesque. Take along and place the candles on the sand to create a -‘Will you marry me’ line. Light the candles and make sure the candles stay until she reads the message. You can take a romantic walk with the straight from the heart message glowing in the dark. Its time to Ask for her hand in the breathtaking sight.

  1. Amidst Movies

Take your partner out for a movie marathon, you can request or pay the staff to stop the movie and roll out a slide show of you and your beau’s pictures. Just when the slide comes to an end, show a video clip of you proposing her and how you would like to spend the rest of your life with.

  1. Water Vibes

If your partner is a water baby, take her out fishing or on a boat ride, carry along a fancy glass bottle prepared with your proposal message and maybe an engagement ring within to make it a grand affair. When your beau is unmindful, simply place the bottle in the water and then hang in there for it to float a few inches away from your boat. This is when you have to act surprised and coax her to pick the bottle from the water and read the paper roll message. You’re bound to get an aww when you finish!

  1. At the airport

You could plan to pick up your partner from the airport and surprise her with a large banner written, “Will you marry me?” and have all your close pals holding it up, with you. You can even prepare many small banners with one letter written on each block. To have your girl arrive at the airport and see you down on  on your knees with a romantic placard in place is a heart melting proposal.

  1. Above & Beyond

As a couple if you both enjoy traveling, let the magic happen on air! For this proposal, get the flight attendants in the know of your plans. You could get the pilot or attendant to make an announcement about the special guest on board which is your partner, and tell everyone. We have a special guest on board and then get on the microphone to convey your lover about the depth of your love. Well a marriage proposal at thousands of feet above in the sky will definitely be the most cherishing and memorable.

  1. A personal website

A computer savvy partner, needs a personal web page or website with a super romantic proposal alongside a picture of the solitaire in a luxurious box. How about sending her the web portal and surfing the address together. You can create the website aka storybook, complete with pictures of your favorite times together, your landing page can also have a picture of you holding a precious ring popping the question!

  1. Stunning Skywriting

Tried and tested since centuries, so it does work. Old school yet a romantic way to propose your significant other. You can get in touch with a local skywriting firm and get them to exhibit your proposal when the sky is clear preferably if you are out on a drive. You could even try spending a weekend at a beach or the hills and arrange for skywriting there. End it with you asking to spend your lives together!

  1. Sleep Surprise

Slip the ring on your partner’s finger when he is sleeping. When he wakes up and is over the surprise, celebrate with champagne.

  1. Surprise Elements

Choose a place with personal significance like a fountain, hotel rooftop, monument or national park. Over there, you can ask someone to take a snap of you together, this is when instead of posing, take the opportunity to drop down on your one knees and pop the quintessential question!

  1. Musical Surprise

If your beau loves music, get a choir, brass band or drum line up for a surprise performance of you partner’s favorite love song in a pretty location for your proposal. You can add a personal touch, by asking the performers to incorporate your lover’s name into the lyrics.

  1. Sketchers Delight

Don’t we all get floored by nice sketches. So get set to arrange a surprise proposal with a street caricaturist and get him to sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles popping the Q.