“The Development and Progress of the People and the Creation are All Under the Administration and Authority of the Planets.”

Planets can do many things by creating a little movement in the liquid of our brain by creating vibrations in the sound and colors of our Chakras.

“The development and progress of the people and the creation are all under the administration and authority of the planets.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Planets can do many things by creating a little movement in the liquid of our brain by creating vibrations in the sound and colors of our Chakras. Planets churn the energy streams of our Chakras, produce and send a thought to our mind. When we put that thought into action, we have to fall into that situation where we can clear the debt or credit of our good Karma or bad Karma.

That is why to control human destiny planets need only a thought in our brain.

Until people become enlightened in life, they continue to take reincarnation after reincarnation based on Karma and Desires from their previous lives and they continue to learn lessons also of life, in each of such reincarnations. Reincarnation is not needed just to give destiny back for your Karma but it gives a chance to fulfill that desire or work which you did not fulfill in your past life. For example, if someone dies with a strong unfulfilled desire to become a musician in this life, there is a possibility that in the next reincarnation he is going to be born in those circumstances or family where he can start his music work earlier. But along with that, he will continue to face the failure and success based on his Karma (Good or bad) from the past lives towards his journey step-by-step to become a successful or unsuccessful musician. Until the soul is reborn on the earth in some body, the soul (in its subtle body) carries with it the seeds of its destiny but that Destiny cannot affect the soul. Planets and destiny can affect the soul, when the soul is in the body.

It is better if someone understands the law of Karma and Destiny in details whatever ancient Yogis had taught so that one can avoid bad Karma and evolve good Karma. Because even if he does not find enlightenment in this life, at least with his good Karma, in the next life, he can be born as a human being again and can continue his journey to Moksha (Enlightenment) faster.

That is why, until you live on this earth, use your time for spiritual progress and in helping others. Do not try to hurt others.  But according to the Law of Karma, if someone is hurt by you without having your intention to hurt them, you should not worry because it is not your Karma. It was their destiny. But if you hurt even a single person with a clear selfish motive, you will face the destiny of that Karma.

If someone planned to hurt someone for his own selfish reasons but could not, still he is responsible for his Karma to some extent because actions are mainly guided by the mind, not by the body. Body is just an instrument to realize our thoughts. That is why, be careful about your thoughts. The law of Karma works from the subtle level of our thoughts also because thoughts also create a vibration in the universe. If you help some needy person or do some holy work on this earth, the universe and the planets store that information. If you cannot help anyone because of your circumstances, but wanted to help, that information is also stored in the universe and you will get rewards for your positive intention.

Sometimes you see a person who is doing wrong in this present life but still enjoying his life now, you may think why it is so. He is enjoying it because some good Karma from his previous lives is still with him. But as soon as the flow of good Karma stops from the universe, he will start facing the result of his negative Karma in this life anytime or in the next life.

Some people doubt and question that if people are suffering because of bad Karma, then why did God not make a system so that humans can remember that for which Karma they are suffering so that people can avoid bad Karma and can do good Karma. But if humans get the result of their Karma immediately within a few minutes or hours, it cannot be called freedom in this universe. Because the cosmic plan of God for His souls is that all souls should feel totally free on this earth, not be under the fear of something like Destiny or God. Because if we want to check the level of peace in some country, we have to see how the citizens behave when they are sure that there is no any police or cameras around them. That is why this universe has been designed in such a way as to make every soul realize that it is free to move with its own choice. That is the reason that sometimes humans think, there is some God in the universe who is controlling everything. Sometimes they think perhaps life is just a chance in this universe and no power is looking at them and they are free to do anything. Creating the brain at the verge of these two extremities is the plan of the God because souls are left free to think on this riddle and they are free to decide how they live and choose their actions in this universe.

That is why the system of universe is so mysterious that the soul does not remember that for which Karma the soul is born in the present family and in the present circumstances, because we know that it is difficult to live peacefully in our present life, even if we do not forget things from this present life also. You must have seen some people in emotional disturbances (anger, fear, pain etc) when they talk about or discuss their negative experiences even from their present life. What will be the condition of their mind, if all heart-breaking experiences from their past reincarnations also unfold in their memory such as, when their faithful business partner cheated them in business or wife/husband or child had died and these people are still living in this life with some other family after reincarnation?

Forgetting such old memories and forgetting for which Karma soul suffers bad destiny or from which Karma soul faces bad destiny, helps souls to start a fresh life on the earth in each reincarnation.

When a child is hurt a little, he cries for a few minutes but forgets that experience soon and starts playing again with his toys. Similarly, adults also forget old experiences of past reincarnations and start becoming interested in other things presented to them by life in this life. If a child never forgets a single small experience, how can he move on to experience many other things in life? Similarly, to continue life, humans continue to forget their past experiences soon to taste  the  next experiences.

But a question also arises that in this situation, how can a soul be interested in good Karma because the soul will not understand that by doing good Karma it will enjoy good destiny and by bad Karma the soul will face bad destiny. To solve this basic problem of goodness and badness, while establishing the law of Karma and Destiny, God gave a very deep-rooted sense of goodness to every soul. That is why, naturally all people like to do good Karma, because this is the nature of the Soul.

Psychologists have come to this conclusion that whenever a movie is shown to criminals, they also want to see the good man (the hero) successful in his efforts at the climax of the movie, not the villain. Why does a criminal think deep in his heart that it is not a good idea for a criminal (the villain) to be successful at the climax? Because even criminals have emotional/love relationship. They also cry for love. Sometimes they do not hesitate to sacrifice their own life for their lovers or friends. Even animals in jungles like to help each other.

There is goodness deeply seated in the heart of every soul. No one is a criminal by birth, The Buddha is residing inside each mind. Although the universe gives the freedom to choose right or wrong, even plants have the natural sense of goodness. But sometimes under the influence of others, for example, when the soul sees that others are doing/achieving something, the soul thinks that it should also do/achieve it. That is why humans should concentrate on good Karma.

We should know also one more point that what we consider as good Karma and bad Karma at some society level, perhaps God evaluates things differently at the universal level. That is why, first of all , humans should be very clear about what is good and bad at the universal level (not just society level), if they want good destiny for their soul, otherwise the definition of good or bad also continues to baffle many people. For example, if someone walks naked in the main market, the police will catch him but from the universal point of view, nakedness is just a natural thing because all species are naked. Even one sect among the Jains monks move about naked. In ancient India, a famous woman philosopher called Gargi used to walk naked, whom even King Janaka used to respect.

And there are many things which are considered normal at the society level but God does not approve them under His universal law of Karma and Destiny. For example, eating meat is also such a habit which has become a common and natural thing in human society along with the habit of smoking and drinking, where the law of Karma prominently plays its role. Because first of all, meat is not natural food for humans, secondly before meat comes to your plate to satisfy your tongue, someone has been  subjected to a painful death.

Normally humans think many people on earth eat meat so what is the problem in meat eating ? But we should know that no matter, whether a single person smokes or billions smoke it still affects their lungs. Similarly, no matter, if one person eats meat or millions people eat meat it still crosses the law of Karma and it will surely affect their destiny in this life or in the future reincarnation.