“The Seven planets are connected with seven colors of universe.” Kurma Purana

Those seven colors of the planets become connected with the seven colors of seven Chakras of the human body. When human beings open their eyes, they cannot see the seven colors in the Planets or in the universe but they exist everywhere all around us which humans know from the Rainbow.

“ The Seven planets are connected with seven colors of universe.”

Kurma Purana

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Those seven colors of the planets become connected with the seven colors of seven Chakras of the human body. When human beings open their eyes, they cannot see the seven colors in the Planets or in the universe but they exist everywhere all around us which humans know from the Rainbow. And if human beings close their eyes, they cannot see the seven colors inside their body. But they also exist as seven colors of seven Chakras in the human body (Aura). Inside and outside, our universe and our body are full of colors but we cannot see them. Please see the diagram to understand the whole cosmic creation.

God is not the only universal Light but He is universal sound (Oooo..mmmm) also. That is why, God is known as Nad-Braham (Sound God) also.  “Ooo..mmm” sound and “Bright Milky Light” are the first manifestations of God. But this is not the whole story because God is the mind of the universe also . That is why all ideas come from Him. I will explain about it more in the chapter “God as Idea and Destiny”.

As the first universal light turns into seven colors of the universe and is distributed in the planets, similarly  the first  universal sound  (Oooo…mmm) turns into seven other sounds (Silent Om-Am-Ham-Yam-Ram-Vam-Lam)  and is distributed  into the sound of seven planets. Further, these seven sounds of the planets become connected with the seven sounds of the Chakras in the human body in the same way as the seven colors of the planets and the seven colors of the Chakras of the human body become connected with each other.

It is difficult for people to believe that there is any sound in any planet or inside their own body. But as there are colors in the universe and colors in the Chakras of our body, similarly there are sounds in the planets and seven sounds in the human body. Not only the Indian saints but thinkers from the west like Pythagoras (6thCentury Greek Master of mathematics and harmonics), also mentioned about the mysterious Music of the Spheres. He taught that each planet has its own unique sound in the universe.

The seven planets, connected with  seven colors and seven sounds of whirlpools of energy chakras in human body rotate the destiny of the all humans (souls) based on their individual past Karma. This is the simple mystery how planets interfere with human destiny. Although light and sound both play an important part in running human destiny, light plays a more important role. That is why a special branch of knowledge was also developed to understand the role of this light (Jyoti) of all planets in human destiny, which was later called Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

The five elements (Earth, water, fire, air, space) help to create the human body on which the drama of Karma and Destiny is enacted but these five elements depend for their existence and function mainly on Light and Sound.

Good Destiny makes the colors and sounds of the Chakras of the human body strong in a person. Weak destiny makes the colors and sounds of the Chakras of the human body weak for a person. Now some scientists are coming to this conclusion that there is some connection between colors and diseases because before someone starts falling sick, his Aura also starts changing. But science is not very much sure yet how colors can be connected with destiny.

Humans should understand the great ancient secret from ancient Yogis that when light and sound function at the universal level, they can be called God and when they work at an individual level in the Chakras of some individuals, they can be called Destiny.

Good or bad Destiny is actually like a seed in the seven Chakras in the human body and starts sprouting when a soul is born on earth. Those people who have strong Destiny get success, happiness and approach to great ideas. Those people who have weak destiny get failures, physical or mental unhappiness and approach to weak ideas or no Ideas.

Jyotish has been in existence for more than 5000 years without worrying whether people believe in it or not that planets influence Human life. But science has recently crossed that stage of its history when it was even difficult to believe in science that there can be any connection of planets with human mind. Because planets seem to be so far away and how such far off things can be connected with humans on earth and explaining the connection between Destiny and planets to scientists will be a a difficult task. But on a fortunate day, science was able to discover some unbelievable truths about the nearest heavenly body, the Moon. They knew that the Moon influences tides in the oceans. And there is water in our body and in brain also. As water of the oceans is influenced by the Moon, similarly the Moon influences the water of the brain also, which can change many thoughts and ideas in the mind of the humans. That is why some people become romantic and some people cause accidents at the time of the Full moon.

But ancient masters taught that it is not only the moon but other planets also influence human life on earth. The most interesting thing is that saints knew such things in those days when there was no telescope (we know that telescope was invented about 400 years ago) and humans were not able to see the bodies of all planets clearly. The big difference between the knowledge of Jyotish and modern science on planets is that science thinks that the influence of the moon is almost the same for everyone on earth. But Jyotish says that the influence of the moon is different for everyone according to individual Karma. That is why everyone will not cause  accidents during the full moon, rather the moon can be highly rewarding for those people who have good Karma from past lives. The Moon can stimulate the brain cells of someone and can give great ideas for success. If someone has very good Karma from past lives, the Moon can help someone to become enlightened also in this life. Many Yogis were enlightened on the night of the Full Moon. Siddhartha (The Buddha) was also enlightened at Full moon. If your Moon is favourable according to your horoscope, meditating for sometime at Full moon night will be very beneficial.

But how to find out which planet is favourable or unfavourable, strong or weak?  Ancient saints developed a system, JanamKundli (Horoscope) which is created based on the time, date and place of birth of someone on this earth to find out the connection between his Chakras and planets, because each person is born on the earth when Karma from his past lives is in mathematical harmony with the present position of the planets of the universe. That is why by studying the position of planets at the time of birth some secrets of destiny can be discovered about someone.

According to Jyotish, all people are born under the special time and place based on their destiny. If two persons have exactly similar Karma, they can be born at the same time, in the same place and even to the same mother. Because of their similarities in their Karma, there is a chance of similarities in their Destiny also. They can go through many similar experiences and can have many similar interests, habits, and passions during their life on the earth. In ancient times, there was no media to know what is happening with the children who are born at the same time and in the same place. But now, we get news that scientists have found some interesting similarities in the life of twin children who were born at the same time, to the same mother but later were brought up even in different places. Twin children like same type of things and sometimes get some physical problems at same time.  In some cases they have been found to like the same type of music, cars etc.

But how Jyotish can help to predict something about the destiny of someone? This is possible because there are hidden “predictions” in nature, and if we are able to read them we can predict about the destiny of a person. According to Jyotish, when planets are at some specific position in the universe, some particular events can happen in someone’s life. And, these events can be predicted by knowing the position of the stars in the universe. Now, science is also facing interesting facts of “predictive qualities” of Nature. We know that for several questions Science has been searching for answers for thousands of years but those answers are already in nature. Science has spent a millions of dollars and years of research to find out how it can diagnose cancer in the human body but the answer is there in nature already. A dog can diagnose cancer just by smelling the body of a person. There are some birds, fishes, flowers and plants which start behaving differently before an earthquake or a natural calamity happens. Similarly Jyotish is saying that particular planets in particular positions can predict what is going to happen in someone’s life.

Although Jyotish cannot open all the secrets of human destiny the purpose of this knowledge was to explain about the universal law of Karma and Destiny and advise humans to find a good route for their life and find a final way (Enlightenment) out of this, as soon as possible.

According to Jyotish, basically all planets function together to influence the destiny of individuals, as the seven colors of the rainbow function together from the single ray of the sun. I have mentioned which planet is connected with which Chakra. (See diagram). But in Chakras also they work all together in a unified way. If a certain planet is weak in a person it means (which is known from Horoscope) that certain sound, color and ideas are weak in that Chakra.

Actually to strengthen the weak sound in Chakra, ancient Yogis had recommended Mantra. (More details in chapter “God as Sound and Destiny”). To deal with weak colors of Chakras, they recommended colored lucky stones (More details in the chapter “God as Light and Destiny”) And to deal with weak Ideas, they recommended Dhyan. Read more in the chapter “God as Idea and Destiny”)

Destiny affects in many unrealizable ways in our Chakras with the influence of the planets. Because when planets influence the Destiny of someone, they do not need to come to earth and give reward or punishment to someone. Planets work from the subtle level of sound and colors of our Chakras from where thoughts are born in our mind.