Commonly Found Home Inspection Issues – By Peter Jesal

Home inspections are an integral part of a home buying or selling process. A home inspection done by an accredited home inspector may reveal issues in a home that may cause a buyer to back out of the deal especially if the issues presented are major.

Most homeowners do upgrades to suit their needs, and most are done incorrectly. When a home inspector picks up such matters, panic sets in and the deal may collapse or cause the asking price to be negotiated.It is a good idea to get a home inspector to do a pre-inspection of your property before putting it up on the market. You will be aware of the defects present and can decide which to fix or disclose.

Many sellers refuse to do a get a pre-inspection done; it’s the usual excuse- why should I pay for an inspection? I’m selling not buying. Well, you’ve read this saying many times “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Whether you want to get a pre–inspection or not, it’s good to be aware of some common issues found in home inspections. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you go through the list below to have a better overview. If you are a Mr. Fix it, you can save time and money if you plan to complete the repairs before listing your home with a Realtor.


Electrical Issues

Number one on the list is are electrical problems reported by Home Inspectors. All electrical receptacles should be wired correctly. All electrical outlets and switches should work properly. Replace burnt out light bulbs and make the home look presentable before having an open house. All electrical work should only be done by licensed electricians.

Plumbing and Moisture Issues

Fix those small leaks, loose faucets, and shower heads before listing. If yours is a rental property, it is a good idea to look under kitchen and bathroom sinks to see if there are any active leaks and damage caused. Even if you are not selling, you still need to get it fixed. For leaks and general plumbing requirements, contact leak detection Tucson.

When was the last time you re-grouted your shower tiles? If the enclose looks discolored, get a tiling contractor to professionally re-grout and re-caulk and shower area. If the bathroom floor is stained or shows darkened spots- it is time to fix it.With a moisture meter, an accredited home inspector can easily pick up moisture behind the shower stall.Plumbing and humidity issues can be nerve racking as most people relate moisture to MOLD.Unless you are competent in plumbing, you should get your local trusted plumber to complete such work.

Roof, Exterior drainage, and landscaping

Your roof has moss/algae, and the gutters/downspouts are damaged or are overflowing with debris?There are storage and planters along the foundation wall, and the lawn needs to be trimmed? Spend some money to improve the appearance of the home. Unless your home is fixed upper, a buyer wouldn’t want to spend too much money on the home he/she is buying.

Boiler, Furnace or Electric Heat

Whatever type of heating you have in the home, always get it professionally serviced and kept all receipts. Boiler, furnace, electric baseboards and fireplaces should be operational at the time of inspection.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

BC Fire law passed in 2010 state that your home needs to have working smoke alarms. Old detectors should be replaced. If your home has gas or a fireplace – carbon monoxide detectors are recommended.


Windows should open and close properly. Dirt around the window must be cleaned. If you have black stuff around the windows that looks like MOLD, it may be dirt that needs to be cleaned and room ventilated. Replace damaged doors and locks if they are faulty.

Peter is an accredited and experienced home inspector serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He is also a Certified Level 1 Thermographer and Indoor Air Quality Inspector. Visit his website for more info: 778-552-8095