If you’re seeking some inspiration for your New Year’s resolution for 2017, don’t go looking in a friend’s social media handle, instead, we’ve lovingly imagined what it would be like to be your guru in finding a healthier, happier you in 2017.

Haven’t we all made resolutions to work out regularly, to stick to a budget, to detox or save up for a rainy day. Well, those are all great goals really besides they can pay off if we stick to them. However when it comes to resolutions, when we break them, it can feel like we’ve failed, hence we could put them aside altogether. Here is a list of New Year’s resolutions that everyone should consider making in 2017. Rather, practical habits that you’ll want to keep and that can make a difference in our lives!

To Spend More Time in Conversations that Matter: Often conversations we have with our friends, family members and co-workers go no deeper than surface-level chit-chat, if we’re not regularly engaging in deeper conversations, talks can become rare which may not be good for the soul. In a technology fixated era, its not easy to stay in touch or rejuvenate relationships. So go indulge in in-person visit to a friend, colleague, relative and have a hearty tete-a-tete!

To Complain Less and Do More: We see something broken, in our society, office, the government, in our own personal relationships and instinctively we vent our anger instead of thinking of ways we can help change it. Complaining about something only offers momentary relief from the obstructions instead work on solutions to the problems to fix the broken things.

To Spend Less Time Worrying: Aren’t we all guilty of this? Any time spent worrying is time wasted besides being counterproductive. There is a saying- Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. So folks, stop worrying and look for the solution or act upon situations.

To Listen to More New Music Every Week: Music has a healing power like no other! It’s also never been easier to find new platforms to get introduced to songs or artists you’ve never known before. So consider making even more time to check out the stuff that is shaping culture.

To Read More Good Books: Books are man’s best friend! There goes a saying- “One must read every good book at least once every 10 years.” Books are a powerful medium to help shape your thoughts, mind and perhaps even provide life-changing wisdom in the pages penned by some of humanity’s great minds. Hence, all you have to do is take the time to read it.

To Spend Less Time on Your Phone: From being active on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram handle to your Candy Crush high score and addictive blogs. You may not be a full-fledged app addict, in the era of the smartphones, we can all use a little less time looking at screens, and more time enjoying the people and places around us. So fire up FB! Don’t you agree?

To Share More Meals with People You Care About: Most of the times it’s just more convenient to the work from home, skype, drive-thru, eat lunch at your desk or eat on the run, or use free time to catch up on some Netflix. Well, we all do it every once in a while, but when becomes a lifestyle, you deprive of time that could be used to shape deeper real relationships. Lack of social bonds can damage your health. So go meet your grandparents, parents, cousins, kith n kin and enjoy a good meal peppered with enjoyable moments and conversations.

Get More Sleep: With deadlines to catch, parties to attend and late night movies to watch sleep could be the last thing on your mind. This new year let sleep be your best friend. Catch a wink over the weekends to relax yourself besides don’t compromise on your daily eight our sleep at night. After all they don’t say it for nothing- Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise!

Choose To Be Happier: Relish life, moments, people, food, situations and everything that life throws upon you! Steer clear of comparisons, and remember there is sunshine after every dark tunnel. Turn a rough phase into a learning experience and look for positivity in every sphere! Focus on achieving peace of mind. Meditate or surround yourself with optimistic people. Don’t they say happy faces are the best, happiness is good for your health!

Loose Weight And Eat Healthy: A very common resolution this! And a tad tricky one to commit to with plenty of bumpy roads in store. Work out at home, gym, with / at a friends place, jog, walk,cycle, yoga or dance. Cut the spices, fat, gluten and opt for the healthier versions. Be warned, don’t expect overnight results, be patient and remember its going to be a work in progress! Steer clear of quickie cures. Use a food journal or app to keep a track.

Save Money: Ensure healthy lifestyle changes with regards to saving money. For instance, make healthy choice for meals, cut down on alcohol or red meat and make way for juices or veggies. Walk or ride a bike to work or look for carpool options. Cut back on gym fees and workout at home or with a friend or youtube workouts can get you sweating! Avoid aimless supermarket shopping for grocery by keeping a tab on what goes in your fridge and tummy. Steer clear of mindless, random fashion shopping. Spend and save wisely from your monthly salary.

Unhealthy Habits: Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Cut the unwanted stress! Your body will thank you for it later. Also save the money and go enjoy a vacation we say coz you deserve better! Here’s to your health.

Dress Code: Clothes makes a man! Being well turned out is nothing to do with looks or age. The way you dress can tell a lot about your personality besides wearing the right clothes can make you confident and seem powerful. So dress well, dress in style!

Have a Hobby: Learn a new language, freelance, cook, dance, paint, pottery, learn a new skill in your spare time.