Never let go off That Drive to Learn

Learning never goes to waste. A famous quote says “Learning never exhausts the mind.” Therefore, one should hold firm belief in the fact that learning is an ongoing process. It would be a grave mistake to chase the myth that learning commences and culminates with schooling. The drive to learn should in fact become an indispensable part of our everyday living. It should work as a propeller to keep one going in the journey of life.

There are enough opportunities awaiting us even as we leave home for work. A little conversation with the lady sitting in the metro next to us or a casual talk with the helper at office can prove to be quite enlightening, if taken in the right spirit. We could learn something from the toddler or even, our experienced yet aged grandparents. Our approach to learning should be expansive sans any boundaries.

A man is great not because he knows it all but because his drive to learn is strong. Truly admirable are those who,  despite their social statuses, are willing to come forward and grasp knowledge. There is nothing like “I have crossed the age to learn.” It is a lifelong process and one should always be willing to learn irrespective of one’s age.

It is a worthy deed to develop comprehensive knowledge which doesn’t just confine to ladylike things! Why should we resort to our husbands or sons to help us buy a phone or laptop? It’s a must that we work on areas we know little about. This is an act that we are doing purely for ourselves and not for anyone else.

Also, it is quite well said by Henry Ford, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” As aging is a natural process, we cannot avoid it but what we can do is to age with grace. So, we shouldn’t let our age get the better of us. We must follow a regimen that shall make us look healthy. It is also imperative that we feel good from within, and then automatically, the glow and radiance shall reflect on the face too.

Always remember that we only have one life, so we must make the most of it. Let’s come out of the belief that with age, the sheen of our life gets lost! So, we must always work together to keep glowing.