Reiki Positive Healing Energy

Reiki is an increasingly popular modern day holistic or natural spiritual healing practice which utilises and uses natural and positive earth bound energy forces that have been found to bring emotional, physical and spiritual healing into a person via a qualified and experienced reiki master.

Reiki first originated in Japan in 1922 before descending into the west and was founded by Doctor Mikao Usui after experiencing first hand the universal teachings of a Buddhist monastery. Reiki is commonly used to relieve stress on all types of levels and has known to immediately relieve stressful individuals immediately, for a period of at least 3 day’s or more for some of many intense cases of stress.

As stress is the culprit of over 80% of all illnesses, reiki has an intense healing effect by reducing stress, the body is then able to naturally increase immune levels higher than prior to any genuine reiki session. Reiki works with the chi or life force energy of our universe and is channeled through trained and attuned reiki masters. The reiki master places positive energy into the recipient and also re-balances their chakras.

A first reiki session can be over-whelming for many as some may feel a natural instantaneous high, whilst others may burst into emotional tears without knowing why. These immediate and natural responses to a reiki recipient is also why reiki has become a widely recognised alternative therapy, as it is not just passed by word of mouth or advertising but by personal experience.

During a reiki session a recipient may feel warm sensations as well as cooling sensations as the natural energy force passes into and through them. Yet without doubt many who have disbelieved in reiki and then tried a session have experienced remarkable results and total relaxation. There is no need for medication but after a reiki session it is advisable to refrain from drinking alcohol, eating meat and avoid negative situations to ensure the positive workings of the natural energy forces to work their up-most, by keeping your spirit and inner-self clean.

There are no minimum or maximum reiki session guidelines to the amount of sessions an individual may require but reiki is neither a cure for exhisting illnesses and has no negative medical side effects. Yet, it can be used as a prevention of future illnesses and an immune system booster as well as a mind clearer on a very high level of positive spiritual and calming influence.

Mandeep Basson
Certified Reiki Pratitioner (CRP)