How much do you know about GMOs?

GMO(NC) When it comes to genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, there’s an abundance of information available, not all of which comes from credible scientific sources.

With all this information out there, it’s hard to know just what is fact and what is fiction.

Test your knowledge of GMOs with this quiz sourced from CropLife Canada.

Are these statements Fact or Fiction?

  1. Genetic engineering is a radical technology.
    Fiction – People have been manipulating crops for thousands of years and almost all food crops have been modified in some way. While the process of genetic engineering may differ from traditional plant breeding, the idea of modifying a food supply to better suit the consumer’s needs isn’t radical at all.
  1. GMOs are too new for us to understand their repercussions.
    Fiction – In the more than two decades that genetically modified crops have been on the market, more than 1,700 peer-reviewed safety studies have been published on them. The scientific consensus around the world is that genetically modified organisms pose no more or less of a health risk than conventional crops.
  1. GMOs cause allergies, cancer and other health problems.
    Fiction – There hasn’t been any evidence that genetically engineered crops cause any kind of health problem for humans or animals. Health Canada works to protect the health and safety of all Canadians and is responsible for the regulation of genetically engineered foods in our country. As part of Health Canada’s rigorous safety assessment of every new genetically modified crop, it looks at the potential for the crop to introduce new toxins, allergens any other unintended effects.
  1. GMOs can’t really help us feed the world.
    Fiction – There’s no way around it, the world’s population continues to grow. In order to meet the future food demands farmers are going to have to step up to the challenge of feeding nearly nine billion people by 2050. GMOs are one tool that help farmers grow safe, abundant, high quality crops. This technology has and will continue to help farmers grow more without having to convert additional land to agricultural production.
  1. All GMO research has been funded by Big Ag.
    Fiction – While large agricultural corporations do complete their own studies and research, this hasn’t stopped hundreds of independent researchers from publishing their own peer-reviewed safety studies on genetically modified organisms contributing to the global scientific consensus about the safety of genetically modified crops.