Sharing is Caring: The World’s largest Airbnb Management Company Airsorted Arrives in Vancouver

Airsorted, the world’s largest Airbnb management company expanded its place in the Canadian market with the launch of Vancouver in August 2018.

Airsorted, the world’s largest Airbnb management company expanded its place in the Canadian market with the launch of Vancouver in August 2018. Vancouver saw over 10 million overnight visitors last year and with home-sharing popularity on the rise, Vancouver was the perfect city to launch. Airsorted’s mission is to provide a trusted, hassle-free, innovative way to get the best returns from your home or investment property. Overseeing 4000 homes globally, Airsorted pride themselves on having global ambitions but local intentions. Being experts in home-sharing has allowed Airsorted to propel into Vancouver and 21 other new markets in 2018.

Freddie Blunt, Director of Global Expansion, explains that “The Canadian market is very important for us. Following on from our unprecedented success in the Toronto market, we are very excited about the launch of our service in Vancouver and to offer Vancouver homeowners and property investors a simple way to generate money. Our tailor-made technology, streamlined processes and relationships with local suppliers allow us to offer the highest value service in the market.”

The Vancouver team oversee the everyday operations while the Global Guest Experience team provide 24/7 guest support. This is to ensure that Airsorted guests are taken care of in the most efficient way at any hour of the day.

One of Airsorted Vancouver’s longest clients, Eliza Javier, explains why her home and Airsorted are a great match, “I’m very pleased working with Airsorted — they take care of the operations of my rental from managing the listing, vetting guests, communicating house rules, arranging for cleaning and linens. I don’t have I lift a finger if I don’t feel the need to further personalize my guests’ stay at all! Their service completely suits my needs as I’m still able to put in personal touches for guests, request that my suite be cleaned a certain way, add or tweak a house rule, etc.

Airsorted believe that being responsible neighbors has been imperative to their success in Vancouver. Freddie explains “We care about the communities in which we operate. We consider it very important to be good neighbors, which is why we meticulously check every guest. We are specialists in this as we manage thousands of reservations per month globally. If we are not sure that the guest will abide by all the rules of the house and that they will be respectful, we do not accept it,” adds Freddie Blunt. Airsorted also help to ensure that hosts comply with the city legislation around short-term lets and provide sound advice and guidance to their hosts. Eliza adds: “I really value my account manager’s insightful and sound advice. It’s helpful to be able to bounce things off someone, and to know that there is a team who’s got your back…”

If you’d like to find out how your home or your investment property could be earning you extra income, check out Or, give them a call on 604-900-8786 and speak to one of their New Homes Advisors today. Additionally, if you would like to check out Eliza’s unit, please find the listing for her suite online here.

About Airsorted

Airsorted is a hosting management platform, founded in 2015 by James Jenkins-Yates and co-founded by Daniel Scott and Tom Jones. Airsorted aims to making home-sharing hassle-free. It has become the leading hosting management platform across the world, with thousands of hosts using the service which lists properties across accommodation booking platforms like Airbnb,, Expedia and HomeAway. To date, Airsorted has organised and managed over $63 million in bookings.

By offering automated technology and 24/7 guest support, Airsorted enables hosts to step back from the day-to-day tasks that accompany home-sharing and maximise the revenue on their property.

Airsorted has raised over $8.8 million so far this year to fuel international expansion and plans to be in 38 cities by the end of 2019.

With private accommodation expected to make up nearly 20% of the total global room bookings (or $106 of the total $555 billion pie), Airsorted can tap into a huge potential market and can create a hassle-free hosting experience globally.