Get your groceries delivered while supporting mental health services in BC

New fundraising initiative of Moving Forward Family Services with the fresh, local, organic grocery delivery service Spud.

Moving forward family services announce a new fundraising initiative with the fresh, local, organic grocery delivery service Spud.  Effective immediately, 25% of orders made through will be donated back to Moving Forward Family Services!  And 10% of any gift card purchased through will come directly to us as well.

Why did they choose to partner with Spud?  This local company is deeply invested in the community and is a certified B Corp.  This means it makes commitments at every level of its operations to ensure fair wages, fair treatment, equality and transparency.   These values resonate for them…plus, did they mention the 25% or 10% donations straight back to MFFS?

They are rolling out this fundraiser through their social media channels and with your help, they  can make this a success. So what can you do?

First they need you to “like” and “follow” Moving Forward Family Services on Facebook and @movingforwardfamilies on Instagram if you haven’t already.  Please do this!  Please invite others to do so, too!

Next, find the Spud fund-raising posts!  Like them!  Share them!

For a chance to WIN a Spud gift card, like, share and leave a recipe with the hashtag #MovingForwardRecipes.

Finally….please order a box through the fundraising page at

Everyone needs to eat right?  And they are all aware of the strong connections between clean eating and strong mental health.  So it really is a win win.  “I genuinely appreciate your help with this, Gary Thandi said.”

Even one box purchased is about $6.50 right to MFFS.  “As you know we operate with no government funding and using donated space, our fiscal security is important to our continued existence, so we need this to get a lot of participation.  Please help out how you can, and share the invitation widely, Gary said.”


Once signed in, select a fundraising box from this page, and add it to your cart.

At checkout, enter the promo code FUNDRAISING. Select your fundraiser from the drop-down list and complete your order.

Your order will be delivered to your home or office, and your fundraiser will receive a donation from!

You can order as many boxes as you want, as many times as you want.

The FUNDRAISING code can’t be combined with other offers though.

If you don’t want to create a spud account, you can also just buy Spud gift cards. This is a double win, because if you then use them to buy MFFS fundraising boxes, we get the 10% from the card and 25% from the box!  To order gift cards go here: These cards make perfect gifts for teachers or service providers and can be purchased in any denomination from $10 to $1000.00.

Finally, there is a bright poster. It would be appreciated it if you could put this up in your work places or maybe your apartment buildings. delivers all through the lower mainland and the more MFFS get the word out, the better chance they  have of raising some decent funds.  I know where I’ll be doing my grocery shopping from now on!

MFFS Thank for your support…please get on social media and talk this up.

And don’t forget if you want a chance to win a gift card, like and share one of our spud posts and share a recipe with the #movingforwardrecipes.

Happy Eating!