Horoscope – June to July

It’s a good time for your career growth. Conditions are favorable for business—and an excellent time for students.


It’s a good time for your career growth. Conditions are favorable for business—and an excellent time for students. The aspect of Jupiter on your fifth house will be favorable for you. There is a possibility of getting the best results from your hard work. The planetary transits may bring some disturbances in your family life that you may decide to stay away from your family. There might be some health issues in your parents. The Sun’s transit in the second half of June will bring relief, and Jupiter will bring positivity to your love life. For married people, you may face conflicts with your spouse but will eventually end in bliss. Health-wise, be wary of lung issues.


This will be a good time for your career. There are chances of a promotion in your job. Business is not favorable for you. Be gentle when dealing with your spouse. For students, the combination of Mercury and Mars can cause disruptions, but taking a competitive exam will get you success. The transit of Jupiter will bring sibling harmony. For couples, love will flourish. Married couples will face tension, so be kind to each other. Economically, it will be moderate for you, so be frugal with your money.  Investing money cleverly will be beneficial, but try to overcome mental stress, especially while you’re driving. Health will improve in the second part.


Uphill and downhill battles may come, but your business perspective looks excellent. You may meet people who can help in your business. Jupiter’s influence on students will go well, but you have to work harder. You are likely to get support from family members, but you may have to increase your expenditures. Love-wise, this period is likely to be good, but due to some unfavorable planetary combinations, a lover’s spat can occur. Thus, try to control your temperament. Health-wise, it can be troublesome. From June 3, Mercury will also be in your twelfth house, where Rahu and Sun are already posited. It can hurt your health, affecting the skin and eye.


There may be some fluctuations in your business. For students, the transiting of planets will cause a lack of concentration, more likely from pursuing higher education. Lack of mutual harmony may disrupt your family life, and be concerned about the ill health of your father. Expect romantic conflicts brought by Mars. From your economic prospects, foreign sources can lead to economic benefits, but after June 15, more expenditures will be crucial. Hence, follow your budget. The condition of the planets could make likely lead you to health problems. Be careful when driving since you are prone to accidents. Consult your family doctor to avoid getting sick.


The combination of Rahu and Sun will trap you in a conspiracy, so have an eagle eye to triumph over your enemies. Your close association with the senior officials will help. On June 22, Venus indicates expenditures. You might end up going overseas for work. A good time for business people, since planet Jupiter is giving a good sign for business growth. Students will focus on their studies, as Saturn’s transit will help achieve success. Your parents may suffer from health problems. The transit of Jupiter will be overwhelming for marital bliss. But due to the transit of Saturn and Mars, you are likely to have health problems. Blood-related problems or bodily pains may trouble you.


Under the influence of Mars, Mercury, and Venus—your colleagues will admire you. But having differences with your senior officials can occur when Mars and its relationship with Saturn create chaos. For students, there will be an advancement in studies due to Saturn’s transit. Venus will be on the tenth house, then transit in the eleventh house, and you will get the full support of your family. From an economic perspective, this time is not particularly favorable. Saturn in the house of profit and income will create economic challenges for you. Be cautious of your spending and be wise to invest in a business. Don’t neglect your health.


Good times for Libra. Business looks reasonable. Also, a good time in the field of education, indicated by Jupiter.

This is the time for students of higher education to get serious. Ketu, on the influence of Rahu and Sun could dampen the family’s spirits, moving Saturn’s transit making fluctuations in family life as Mars causes the mother and father to suffer health problems. You’ll be showered with love by your family and support you in your work. Also, a love affair is possible through Jupiter’s effect. Love couple’s loyalty will get stronger. Good time for the economy, as Jupiter brings fortune when your past investment pays off.


Ambitious colleagues might conspire to put you down. Due to Rahu’s transit, there may be some misunderstanding with your business partner, albeit temporarily. Students must concentrate. The transit of Jupiter will result in happy family life. It’s also an excellent time to be romantic. Ups and downs are in the offing for married people by the Sun and Rahu’s doing. Resolve your disputes with patience. You may incur more expenses. The influence of malefic planets on the seventh and eighth house is not favorable for your health—involving blood and skin problems. Strive to be healthy always by keeping the routine and lifestyle right, thus, reaping whatever you sow.


Be vigilant when dealing with your competitors, at work, or in business. Students must diligently study for exams. Planets indicate that your family life may be a downer, and Saturn on the fourth house may result in health problems to your mother. There may be mild tensions between loving couples, but it will not impact the relationship negatively. A fantastic time is expected from June 2 onwards. The planetary position indicates that you expect some great returns if you are in business. The  Sun and Rahu in the sixth house are capable of causing your health problems. Shadashtak yoga of Saturn and Mars and then Samasaptaka yoga can also cause diseases for you.


After June 22, there will be an advancement in your career, which applies to business people. Students will experience challenging situations. The transit of Mars can also cause some stress in the family. Mind your mother’s health. The conjunction of Sun and Rahu in your Kundli is going to hurt your love life. After June 15, the Sun will improve things, though the position of Saturn and Mars is going to challenge married folks. A spouse may suffer from health issues, and you will get mixed results on the health front. Problems related to the stomach can be troublesome. Consult your family doctor. Women may have some menstrual problems.


Better times are likely to come after the transit of Mars on June 2. As the Sun changes its zodiac sign on June 15, the business will also improve. Students will be inclined towards studying hard, which will bring good results. There may be quarrels between family members, and your mother may have some health problems. For lovers, your love for each other will intensify your relationship. Planets Mars, Mercury, and Venus, will drum up some income, albeit expenses with income are also visible. There will be a possibility of injury in your leg and eyes. Keep your routine balanced and take precautions related to the weather. Be cautious about the food you eat.


Your business will flourish if you adopt a new strategy. Not too good for students. Study harder, particularly for those who are planning to study abroad. Your family life is expected to be a happy one. Under the influence of the Sun, you may be a victim of arrogance and superiority. Love affairs can be fragile, so be honest about your relationship. For married people, this is blissful. A slight increase in expenses is also possible, but you will not have any significant financial problems due to good income. Business people also expect good returns. Ear pain and shoulder pain may occur. Take care of your eating habits. Further, yoga exercise and meditation will be beneficial for you.