2021 Yearly Horoscope

Your horoscope for 2021


2021 may turn special for Aries Moon Sign or Mesha Rasi. It will be great for your career growth through the guidance of planet Saturn, which will remain in the 10th House in Capricorn and Rahu in your 2nd House in Taurus. Jupiter will be in Capricorn, your 10th House, January to April, then moving to your 11th House Aquarius, April onwards, but will retrograde to your 10th House Capricorn again in September. On becoming direct, Jupiter would also enter the 11th House Aquarius on November 20th. All these planetary movements indicate healthy finances. Students, with Jupiter’s help, will give you success. However, due to Saturn’s placement, it can be challenging. If married or in a relationship, you need to put extra effort into the relationship—for Saturn, with its 7th aspect, and Mars, with its 4th aspect, will make things stressful. In April and towards the end of the year, your personal life should get better. Do take care of your health as Rahu and Ketu transit can bring some minor health issues like stomach ache or backache.


A mixed year for Taurus natives (from Rishaba Rasi), concerning workplace problems. But in April, September, and November onwards, you will gain success. Your financial will look decent, thanks Saturn. The effects of Jupiter and Saturn in your 9th House of dharma, may lead you to focus on religious activities and receive benefits through austerities and devotion. Students should have a good year ahead, despite struggles and success. Some students may go abroad, but they may have to work very hard. Relationships may be stressful for the Taurus natives in the first couple of months, but will improve during April to June. The transit of Mars in your 1st House from mid-February to mid-April, in Leo, your 4th House, between the end of July to the beginning of September, signals some family problems. However, Jupiter’s positive aspect in the 4th House can help you save your relationships from further complications. Pay extra attention to the health of your parents and spouse. And due to the placements of Rahu and Ketu, your health may need attention as well, concerning the eyes, back, thighs, or stomach.


The Gemini natives( Mithuna Rasi), 2021, may give them many opportunities. Grab the opportunity in your career, or you may not see significant growth this year. Misunderstanding in the family is in the offing.  Saturn is in your 8th House Capricorn, which may result in sudden gains or losses. Rahu will be in Taurus in the 12th sign. There may be a success from April 6th to September 15th, when Jupiter will move to Aquarius, your 9th House of destiny and luck. Possible challenges from September 15th to November 20th, when Jupiter returns to the 8th House of Capricorn. After November 20th, 2021, will get better, as Jupiter once again enters Aquarius, the 9th House. There may be some sudden monetary gains or losses. Students, however, will have a bright year, especially for those who want to study abroad. An unnecessary misunderstanding with your spouse can happen, due to Venus, which will remain to combust from mid-February to mid-April. This year will help you find love if you are single, and serious relationship can even tie the knot. However, pay attention to your health.


For Cancer natives (Kataka Rasi), 2021 should be a good year for your career, albeit with struggles. Jupiter and Saturn will be in your 7th House from the start of the year, then the third quarter—a good time to engage in business. Finances could be weak now, but in March, it will improve. You may even pay off some of your debts. For students, this will be an average year, but having Ketu in the 5th House can bring obstacles to your studies. Hence, you must focus harder, and be prepared for some family conflicts. Some of you may even stay away from your family for a few months due to work. Saturn and Jupiter will be in your 7th House, bringing ups and downs in marriage. Jupiter may protect you, but Saturn can put you under stress. February to April, then, mid-September to November onwards, your relationships will improve. For the rest of 2021, be careful of handling your relationships. Saturn in your 7th House, joined by Jupiter, the lord of your 6th House of diseases, could lead you to some knee and hip issues. Rahu in your 11th House can, however, give you gains.


Leo natives (Simha Rasi) can expect a decent year, career and finance-wise, since Rahu is in your 10th House. But, since Jupiter and Saturn are in your 6th House, you may face challenges from enemies at the work front. Mars will be in your 9th House at the start, which could bring good fortune through your courage. Those who are self-employed must be extra careful as you may incur some losses due to competitors. Try to go only through the usual business route and not be tempted to take any unnecessary short-cuts, as you may incur losses. Jupiter aspects your 2nd House of wealth, as long as it remains in Capricorn during the year, which may bring you some wealth. Some of you may even get a chance to buy a property between February and April. Jupiter will also go to Aquarius, your 7th House, during some months of the year, which may be favorable for you. You may get to expand your business partnerships, and some of you may even tie the knot this year and raise your family. Healthwise, you must be careful for you may get some ailments related to the stomach and kidneys.


Virgo natives (Kanni Rasi) may witness a good and bad year, as Saturn remains in your 5th House Capricorn. Rahu will stay in your 9th house of fortune and dharma. Relations with your father may not be cordial. Also, Jupiter will be in the 5th house for a few months at the start of the year; then, enter your 6th House in April until September, returning to the 5th house. Jupiter will re-enter your 6th house by mid-November. When it is in the 5th house, it can help your family’s peace. But in the 6th house, it can create some health issues. Those running their own businesses they can be profitable this year, but be careful of being cheated by business partners. Profits and gains are seen at the beginning and end of the year. Students have to work harder to succeed in exams. You must focus on your studies. Those students wanting to go abroad can do so, keeping focus all the time. Regarding family life and relationships, the beginning and end of the year should be great, while the period between April and September may bring some stress.


A year full of possibilities for Libra natives (Thula Rasi). Saturn, the significator of your career, will aspect your 10th house of employment this year. Jupiter is placed with Saturn in your 4th house, and so you will not have problems at home. But when Jupiter moves to Aquarius, your 5th house, and stays there for a few months, you may face some issues at home since Saturn will be activated alone in your 4th house of family. Saturn can keep you away from your family. Mars will be in your 7th house, and this could bring some upheaval with your spouse. From June-July, Mars will transit your 10th house, giving you some rewards in your workplace, but Rahu in your 8th house, can cause unnecessary expenses. Some of you may get interested in acquiring occult knowledge and mystical powers (siddhis). For students, April-September will be a reasonable period. However, studying for competitive exams needs to be taken up seriously. Some Librans can get married this year, and those who are single can find a suitable partner when Jupiter enters your 5th house in the second quarter of the year. Take care of your health.


This year will bring good results, but there might be some minor issues for Scorpio natives (Vrichchika Rasi). Financially, you should do very well as Saturn is in your 3rd house. Jupiter is also with Saturn and will go to Aquarius, your 4th house of home and family. You may have enough wealth coming in. Rahu will be placed in your 7th house of spouse and business partnerships. Hence, it can cause a lot of hurdles and misunderstanding with your spouse and business partners. You can initiate any colossal step in your personal life or career. Otherwise, your relationship with your spouse or business colleagues can suffer. You may have to be very careful about your health. It can can be strenuous this year as your parents are prone to health problems. This is more specifically the case with your father, so take good care of him. Saturn’s aspect on the 5th house can bring more structure and put in more hard work into your relationships, especially your love life. Since Ketu will be in your 1st House and Rahu in your 7th house you are strongly advised to watch your eating habits.


Sagittarians (Dhanusu Rasi) can have a decent year ahead in 2021. You may attain success in your career and education; you can also have some good earnings and gains this year. At work, you will get the support of your colleagues and hence make a lot of progress. You may also go abroad this year to work. Working hard, your seniors can recognize your efforts, thus, uplifting your name and economic status. Saturn is in transit in the 2nd house, giving you wealth through hard work and dedication. Some expenses might be there for you to buy costly things, but such an investment will be worth it. You may also see some wealth coming in between July and October. Students can do very well in competitive exams as Rahu is placed in the 6th house. Those wishing to study abroad may also get their desires fulfilled. Sagittarians’ health may also be okay with some exceptions as Ketu is in the 12th house, thereby increasing your chances of visiting a hospital. Take care of your health and practice spirituality. Ketu’s placement in the 12th house can help you progress on the spiritual path.


It’s likely to be a good year for Capricorn natives (Makara Rasi), since your Moon sign, lord Saturn is placed in Capricorn. This will have an enormous impact on all aspects of your life. Excellent rewards will come by working hard. Those who are self-employed and into the business can expect gains. Financially, you may have some fluctuations but can expect some benefits at the end of the year. Rahu favors the success of students, but it can haze their minds by casting some illusion. If the student has the determination to succeed and works hard, then he/she can get over the illusion of Rahu. Family support will be there, but some family feud can happen as the year commences. This year can be better for married people than those who are unmarried. There may be peace and harmony in your married life except for a couple of months during the spring season, when you may get into some controversy that can upset your life partner, though your relationship with your children looks good. If you have been suffering from any disease, pay attention to your health and meditate to eliminate any mental stress.


The year 2021 looks suitable for the Aquarius Moon sign (Kumbha Rasi). The whole year looks excellent. However, the hurdles involved with your business rivals can be astounding. Have the right focus, and emerge victorious. Overall, this year favors business people and traders. You can also travel abroad to expand your business. Saturn in the 12th position of your zodiac sign and directing your 2nd house of wealth can make you stressed at times, especially with regards to money. Try to be in a cordial relationship with everyone at home and relative’s circle. Students can see a good year, but they may be distracted at times. Remain focused on completing your studies. The beginning of the year promises good times for married couples. Couples may have a good year as those in love may take their relationship to the next level and get married this year. Pay attention to your stomach, knee, joint, and stress—that could lead to depression. Meditation, prayers, and good lifestyle can help you come out of your health issues. Also, seek your doctor’s advice if needed.


The year 2021 foretells good outcomes for the Pisces natives (Meena Rasi) but with some minor setbacks. Work intelligently and take smart decisions, as mere hard work may not help you achieve success. Business people can expand their business as Saturn is in the 11th House from the Moon. For students, April-May and August-September can allow students to succeed in competitive exams. Financially, income and expenses can both be high for you, but increased expenditure may give you stress. Some may also buy or sell properties. Family life remains fantastic for you, but pay attention to your parent’s health. Married couples may find the means to strengthen their relationship. Lovers can get married this year, but try not to have unnecessary arguments. Otherwise, it may delay your marriage. Health will be fabulous in general, but you must be careful as you may get into issues like obesity, knee and heart problems, when Jupiter enters the 12th House during the mid-year. If you eat healthily and practice yoga/meditation, you can avoid any fitness complications and lead a healthy life.