Horoscope October – By Capt. Sukhbir Mangat


The 2nd Lord, Venus, is in a quadrant in its own house and 11th lord of gains is in the house of luck. This indicates a good financial position. Your job will demand more time and energy, may require to travel a lot or may end up in an undesirable location. Those with business may also face some challenges with customers. For students, don’t lose focus. For everyone, take good care of your health. Watch out for stomach, blood pressure, diabetes, and other blood-related diseases. For those in love: Planet Venus is moving to its own house with Libra in the 7th house, making it a Malavya Yog.


You will have substantial income at the start of this period. People in jobs will find this time golden. Business people will earn a good income but they should be careful before signing anything. Service people will get support from higher authorities. People in technical fields will be in demand. Students of technical, engineering, foreign language, and tourism will have a bright outlook. Primary education students will also excel in their studies. All Taureans will have nothing to worry as far as health is concerned. This time is good for love relationships. Your family life will be comfortable as long as you avoid disputes.


Financial progress will slow down. Concentrate on your area of work. Business people should be more aware of what happens in their workplace. Those in job will be in a better position. Students pursuing mathematics, accounts, and finance will have a pleasant time. Take care of your health as your Lagna is in the Rahu-Ketu axis with the aspect of the 8th lord, Saturn. You need to be careful about your diet and avoid alcohol and tobacco. Your love life will get better. Your time with your partner will be romantic. Any issues from the past will be resolved. Single persons will have new relationships.


Your financial status will be decent. Try to balance your financial position. People at work may get additional monetary benefits. Those in business will have a booming sales and shall witness a sharp growth in your business by the end of the month. Your 10th lord Mars is combust till the 22nd of October which means you will struggle at your workplace. The situation will ease out after the 22nd and you will notice progress. Those in fashion designing, films, media, textile, and publishing courses will do well. Those who are not married may tie the knot. Singles will find their life partner.


Income and business will prosper. There will be a demand for your products. You may enter into a big deal which will generate a lot of profit for the business. Students will need to focus and work hard. Those students who want to get admission in foreign universities should start preparing now for admissions. You need to take care of yourself and adopt a balanced diet. You should speak politely with your partner and avoid conflicts. You may also consider renovating the house and decorating it. Apart from this, take care of your life partner’s health and that of your children.


The financial position improves this period as your 2nd lord Venus moves into its own house in Libra. Mercury, the profession lord, will also be in 2nd house indicating income from profession, job, and business. Do not hide anything from your partner. On the career front, you have good news coming. There will be monetary benefits for those in jobs. Business people will find their business booming. You will have a good time in your love life and your relationship will progress smoothly. Those who are not in any romance yet will make new friends and enter a new relationship. Take care of the health of your elders.


There will be income but after some struggle. The situation will streamline after the third week of October. Jupiter’s aspect on your 10th house will uplift your prospects. Those in business will do good, especially the ones in food, dairy, cosmetics, and fashion garments. For students, your planetary positions suggest that hard work will lead you to success. Your love relationship will be harmonious. Those of you who are unmarried may find a partner. Go on a holiday trip with your family. Your spouse may need attention when it comes to health.


The 2nd Lord is placed in Lagna and Jupiter will remove many of the ill effects. Your financial position is good and will consolidate further by the end of the period. Property matters should be handled carefully. Those who are in business with contacts overseas may gain from them. People in the import-export business will see growth. People in jobs will face a tough time. Your Lord of Education house, Jupiter, is aspecting its own house from Lagna indicating good memory. Those pursuing finance, accounts, literature, and research will do well. This is an excellent period for family life.


You have a good financial position as your 2nd lord is placed in Lagna and the Lord of the House of Gains is in its own house. Your income will be quite substantial. The lord of career, Mercury, is placed in the 11th House of Gains. It indicates monetary benefits from your job. Due to the festive season, businesses will witness a boom in revenue. Students in higher education are more focused on celebrations than studies. Your health will have ups and downs. Avoid stress and anxiety. Love life will proceed as normal. Your family life will be peaceful and joyful with support from every member of the family.


Your 2nd Lord of Money House is placed in the 12th house indicating loss or expense. You should be prudent and spend wisely. Those who have dealings with foreign customers may gain. Those who are in  food, dairy, textile, fashion design, publishing, media, and films will have booming businesses. Those connected with governmental agencies will get good contracts. Students in higher education will do well specially those who are in creative fields, communications, travel management, fashion design, media, and films will find this time favorable. If you are unmarried, this is the right time to find a partner.


Your financial position is very strong as your 2nd and 11th Lord, Jupiter, is placed in a quadrant. You will get monetary benefits from many sources. You will have some anxious moments at the workplace as your Lord of Profession is placed in the 8th house and is combust. Have patience, things will improve as the month progresses. Students in higher education, especially in technical, engineering, medical, IT and software background will do well. You will enjoy good health. You will be spending weekends with your partner and will enjoy a romantic getaway. Any issues you were facing will be easily resolved.


You will have a mixed financial position as your 2nd lord Mars is combust. The lord of House of Gains is placed in 10th house with Ketu which means returns will come along with some obstacles in the way. Jupiter, your Lagna lord, will save you as it is placed in the House of Luck. Maintain a healthy balance between income and expenses. Businesses will try to increase their levels of efficiency and add more products to their range. You will also spend money on employee welfare and improvement of the business premises. Students in higher education will see great results. Your lovelife will see some ups and downs.