Horoscope August 2019 by Capt. Sukhbir Mangat

Horoscope for August 2019 by Capt. Sukhbir Mangat.


After not so favorable a period for you in the past like.. Disputes, fights in the family, financial difficulties, health conditions, relocation’s, some land & property related problems. Well after 23 July, financial gains will strengthen your standing. The help and support of your spouse will be with you. There will be happiness and prosperity in life. Some unnecessary expenses will disturb your budget on 02 August. The time period between 03 and 17 August will be positive to complete the land and property-related work; permanent assets will also increase during this time. After 17, you will struggle to execute your work as per your plan and thus fail to achieve intended results. Unnecessary expenditure will go up. Your infatuation for someone will grow deeper. The mind will be restless. You will unexpectedly get into some troublesome situations. Some of you may have to relocate away from your family due to to the planet of luck Jupiter still hanging in the 8th house till 4th of November.


Financial gains with the help of children and friends are likely. Opponents will face defeat. You will join an office at a new location this month. Your genial nature will help you on many occasions. After 23 July, your financial condition will be in good shape even after some financial setbacks arising around this time. Problems surrounding your professional life will get resolved. Advantageous circumstances will arise at the professional level. The time period between 01 and 16 August will be largely futile failing to yield any positive results in your work and leave you disappointed. Even a little provocation will aggravate you, so be careful. On 16 August, some financial gains are likely. You will have positive and loving relations with people around you. Physical and mental health will be in good shape. The time period between 17 and 26 August will be stressful due to persistent clash and disputes in the family. After 26 August, your financial condition will improve. Successful dealing in land and house property will raise your spirits. You will further add permanent assets. You will make associations with successful and influential individuals and high-rank officials. Your family life will be blissful.


After 23 July, you will get financial and administrative support. You will acquire something expensive. You will spend time in amusement & students will devote time to studies. The health will be in good shape. You will receive the support from your family members and loved ones. You will adopt a courteous and polite approach to your interaction. The disputes will get resolved. Your standing and prestige will rise. The time period between 01 and 17 August will bring solutions to professional or office-related problems. There will be profit in the business, but still, it will remain short of your expectations. You will get rid of existing health conditions after 17 August. There will be happiness and positivity in life.


There will be encouraging financial prospects throughout this period. Protect yourself from injuries and physical harm. A new business partnership is also on the cards. Businesses that deal in textile and apparels and white-colored items will incur losses. Conditions like blood pressure, blood disorders, piles and fever will give you relief. The fear of surgery and operation will give you relief too. Success in your work will strengthen your financial condition. Journeys will prove fruitful. Don’t engage in backbiting and avoid the company of such people between 03 and 16 August. After 26, financial losses are likely. Your relatives may also cost you money and add to losses. You will also lose something highly valuable and expensive. Politeness in your nature will help you on many occasions.


The luck is on your side in romantic pursuits. You will receive support from friends and coworkers. Your children will make you proud. A long distance journey is likely. A new partnership on the professional level will take shape after 23 July. Overall income will go up. Your prestige and standing will rise. Married couples will be blessed with a baby. You will spend your time in productive activities and generate positive results in your endeavors. Financial gains are likely between 16 and 25 August. Success in undertakings will boost your confidence. The business will attain growth. Businesses that deal with fluids, aromatic articles, beauty products and cosmetics will have profitable prospects. Fruitful journeys are likely. Students will find success in their pursuits. Enjoy this period.


Your income will go down and financial condition will weaken. The outcomes in the ongoing court case may not come in your favor. Disputes with the siblings are likely. Mental stress and physical afflictions will adversely affect your well-being. Someone’s rude behavior will hurt your feelings. Your mind will be restless and agitated during this time. After 17 August, the journeys will be fruitful and successful. The support of administration, friends and loved ones will be with you. Disputes over promotion will get resolved. You will escape an accident. Saturn’s 2 & half year period is still lashing at you.. it will be ending from January 23rd 2020. Good luck Virgo.


You will acquire items of comfort and worldly pleasures in the days to come. Journeys will be inconvenient and unfruitful. Eating schedule and habits may get disturbed. Between 01 and 16 August, the weak immune system will make you vulnerable to infections and illness. Failure in work will increase frustration. Property dealings will be unprofitable. Overall income will decline. Between 17 and 26 August, remain cautious to avoid financial losses. Your standing, respect and repute will suffer. Disagreements with superiors are also likely. An auspicious or religious ceremony in the family will get cancelled. After 26, there will be peace and happiness in the family. Overall income will increase. Health will improve. You will regain the lost respect and prestige. Married couples will be blessed with a baby. You will invest time in good and productive activities.


You will acquire something expensive. Your gains and success will exceed your expectations. Increase in fortunes and growth opportunities will turn the tide in your favor. A long-distance journey within your country is likely. There will be some setbacks in fulfilling the children-related responsibilities. Your eloquence will help you win a position somewhere. Success at the professional level will boost your happiness. You will receive respect and appreciation. Your married life will be full of happiness. You will also fulfill your social commitments. Someone’s rude behavior will ruin your peace of mind. An elderly or influential woman will help you resolve disputes and find ways in difficult situations.


The life will easy, comfortable and full of happiness initially. Financial problems will end. You will attain success and gains with the help of women. The planetary transition from August in your chart indicates unfavorable circumstances. Your every work and undertaking will face obstacles and setbacks. Persistent failures will increase frustration. You will find it hard to repay loans and debts. Humiliating situations will arise. Fear of injury from a sharp object looms. The need for medical surgery may arise. You will lose something highly expensive or valuable. Luck and fortune will take a downward stride. Long distance journey will get cancelled. This is due to Saturn & Ketu transiting over your sign..Good luck Sagittarius till then.


After 23 July, there will be some financial problems. The days will be busy and tiresome. You may contract a venereal disease, remain careful. Loss of something highly valuable will cause grief. Women will cause losses and disrepute. Students will find success in academics on 30 and 31 July and devote most of their time to studies. Your social standing will rise. Success in work will keep you happy. You will grow financially. Between 17 and 26 August, you will find intended success in your work and undertakings. Expenses will come under control. There will be help from the administration and government. You will manage to assert your control over the opponents. You will get rid of any existing ailment or disease. The married life will be blissful. You will enjoy high repute and respect. After 26 August, failure in work will increase frustration. Your social and financial standing will also suffer. There will be setbacks in fulfilling the children-related responsibilities. Take care.


New income sources will boost your overall earnings. You will invest money in expensive metals and jewelry. Success in work will keep your spirits high. Positive outcomes in the legal or court case are also on the cards. You will get rid of any existing ailment or disease. You will manage to assert your control over the opponents. Disputes will get resolved. Your standing, respect and influence will rise. You will buy articles of comfort and luxury for your family. Students will enthusiastically devote time to the studies. You will also invest some time in reading good books. Musicians and instrumentalists will find recognition and fame. Success in work will keep you upbeat. The business will flourish thanks to the elimination of obstacles and persistent problems. The journeys will be fruitful. Ailments will get cured. Financial gains and respect will increase.


This period the love and warmth of your mother or a motherly figure will help you. Financial condition will improve. Overall income will increase. Dealings in the land-house property will be successful and you will invest in acquiring more property. You will forge friendships with high-rank officials and influential individuals. Your family life will be full of happiness. The day of 16 August will be auspicious, your opponents will retract. New paths of growth and benefit will open. Your ideas and suggestions will be highly valued during negotiations, partnerships and new agreements. After 26 August, success in your work will keep you upbeat. You will achieve financial growth. Students will enthusiastically devote time to studies. You will also invest some time in reading good books. Musicians and instrumentalists will find recognition and fame. Your respect and prestige will rise on the social level.