Horoscope by Sukhbir Mangat


Due to the present conjunction of Saturn and Mars, you will be pre-occupied with work-related matters, and these activities will dominate your time and resources. You will be unsettled or disturbed, and this will cause you some degree of anxiety. There will be thoughts of bringing about changes to your professional life. This monthwill be hectic. However, the cooperation and help of family members will help you to deal with this situation. You may undertake a long distance journey during the latter part of June.


After June 4th, Venus will be exalted but combusted in your zodiac sign along with a debilitated Sun. You may benefit from new honors or recognition, as a result of this alignment. There will also be further opportunities for promotions or progress, in your career, and you will have new plans. June\July is likely to be a favorable period for your professional and personal life, there could also be a happy event relating to your family life.


In this period, Mercury and the malefic Vedic planet, ‘Rahu’ will both occupy your ascendant’s house. This will lead to obstacles in most of your immediate plans, and you will face delays in most essential matters during June\July, in general. You will be under stress, as there will be worries and a fair deal of hectic, but unproductive activity in your daily routine. You are also likely to face health problems and struggles in activities that require the buying or selling of material goods.


You will encounter obstacles and delays in matters relating to education or your career. You will have to struggle to achieve progress or your objectives on activities in these areas. You will be short-tempered and irritable, and as a result, there will be differences of opinion between you and friends or family members. There will also be struggles in your financial life, as your income will be constrained, but your expenditures will be high. Although travel plans or journeys will be pleasant in June, stomach related ailments could dampen your spirits.


Your hard work and effort bring about progress to an important matter. The help and cooperation of family members will help you to achieve a promotion or earn career-related, financial benefits. There will be new and vital plans on your mind, this period. However, due to the present influence of Saturn and the malefic Vedic planet, ‘Ketu,’ on your zodiac sign, there will be children or progeny related worries on your mind. Acquiring a Ruby locket will be beneficial for you, this period.


The situation in your professional life will be average or unremarkable. There will be worries or struggles in your personal life that cause stress and anxiety. Taking on these problems, resolutely will be vital to finding a solution. However, you may not be able to fully resolve the financial difficulties you are likely to encounter, in June\July. There may be clashes and discord in your family life, towards the end of the month. You may also experience minor health issues during this period.


Venus will occupy your 8th house after June 4th. Due to this, you may not be able to benefit from the financial gains or opportunities that come your way, in June\July. Your expenditures may also be relatively high, while your income will be limited. There will be limited income through work-related activities, despite struggles. Towards the end of this period, there will be progress in previously delayed plans.


Due to the influence of the Sun and the presence of Jupiter, in your zodiac sign, you will experience an increased interest in spiritual and academic matters, in June\July. Till June 22nd, Mars will occupy your 8th house due to which, there will be obstacles and delays in your immediate plans. You will also feel unsettled and dissatisfied due to this, and you will experience stress because of this situation. You will need to take care of your health, this period.


In this period, much of your time will be taken up with unproductive, hectic activity, and there will be little time for rest and relaxation. There will be unexpected and wasteful expenditures for you to contend with, as well as discord in your home. This situation may cause you some stress, and the current circumstances may depress you. Bit make sure you face everything in stride. Always look at the bright side of life. Take care of your health while traveling.


There will be children or progeny related worries in your life. You will be susceptible to stress, headaches, and may feel lethargic, as a result. As a retrograde, Saturn will be placed in your 12th house. Because of this, there will be unproductive and hectic activity in your daily routine and unexpected expenditures. There is also a possibility of an unpleasant, tense atmosphere in your home. You will be susceptible to minor health problems in this period. You are likely to clash with a friend or associate over a difference of opinion.


Mars and the malefic Vedic planet, ‘Rahu’ will both occupy your 5th house, in June. Saturn and Rahu’s twin planet, ‘Ketu’ will also aspect your sign this month. Due to this, there will be worries about children or progeny, delays, and obstacles in your immediate plans. There will be upheavals in your domestic life, a great deal of hectic activity and wasteful expenditures, this month. After June 22nd, Mars will adversely aspect your sign. This will bring complications in your professional life and a reduction in your income. Your enemies may have the upper hand over you.


This period, you will be unable to take advantage of the financial opportunities that will come your way. There will be worries related to children or progeny. Upheavals in your domestic life will sadden you, but there is always a silver lining. Things will get better. After June 15th, there will be a further increase in your expenditures. There will also be disagreements among family members, while there will be little progress or success in your professional life.