Yearly Horoscope for 2019

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Major life-changing events for Mesha Rasi people occur during their 16th, 30th, 46th and 61st year. So, if you are going through that age in 2019, then expect something big. Jupiter transit between 8th and 9th houses during this year will test your financial judgments. Saturn in 9th house is terrible for your father’s health. Do not commit to new expenditures and investments before November. Mars in 12th house in the midnight chart is weak and powerless, and you will be wandering aimlessly. Spiritual progress and enlightenment are possible. Jupiter is located in your 8th house and is the lord of your 9th house. The home of destiny, as well as lord of your 12th house, is poorly placed in your 8th house, indicating a threat to your father and old properties. It will be a favorable period this year to fulfill your dreams and desires. Financial state and health will be improved. Success is indicated in competitive examinations. Promotions or transfers to less recognized roles or places make you upset; yet favorable for the people in business management, information, and software technologies. There will be a success in pursuing an education in a foreign land, long distance travels, or export-import business.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

The presence of Saturn also in 8th house along with Sun will ensure that there will be a difference of opinions with elders and people of opposite gender. During the initial 10 months of the year, Jupiter will transit through the 7th house. And in the latter half of the year, Jupiter will transit through 8th house, which may cause some obstacles and challenges. There will be disturbing situations within the family, and the behavior of spouse and kids will bring embarrassment. Extra-marital affairs must be avoided. This year offers you mixed results in all aspects of your life. Later half of the year is better than the first half. Awards and rewards are meant in music and fine arts. Inconvenience is apparent in print and electronic media. You will dominate and motivate people to get things done. The favorable period for education will be in Mathematics, Medicine or Technology, education in a foreign land, and international affairs. Success is indicated in competitions. Delays are possible in business agreements. You may be cheated by someone who acts as your well-wisher, so be aware of posers. Care must be taken in real estate business to avoid losses. Litigation will be resolved in your favor.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

This year is terrific in all aspects of your life. Also, long-standing desire or life ambition could be fulfilled through extra hard work and determination. You will gain popularity and affection from the public and also meet your responsibilities. You need a lot of patience in your job or profession. Financial status improves and also fixed assets will be purchased. Health will be good. The gain of political power and authority will delight you. You will be in a race to gain anything, also show skill in literature, research, fine arts, and job or business. Unfortunately, your talent may be exploited, make sure to pay attention to tell-tale signs. Luck through dealing with women could be likely to occur. Anonymous emails, phone calls or petitions may create inconvenience in your job. Status and reputation will be heightened in a post or profession. The money will be spent beyond limits. Savings or curtailing expenses may not be possible. Due to personal reasons, you will not accept any opportunity that comes to you. Favorable for the business of oils, oil products, seafood, and granite, electronic items, food grains, and beauty products. Multiple payments of taxes indicated. You may visit courts to seek justice.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

You can expect favorable circumstances for all your efforts. Strong determination and discipline are indicated in all the affairs. Interest will be developed in modern education. Your focus on innovative business models will benefit you. Status and reputation will be heightened in society. The gain of a suitable position is possible with your knowledge and intelligence. Transfers are possible in a job. Your skill and capacity will be recognized, and others dependency on you increases. You may avail leaves in office for no reason. Success is indicated in a foreign land. The gain of benefits through various schemes or scholarships to your kith and kin make you happy.  Favorable to the people in the fields of education, social service, metals, and handy crafts. Gains and profits are indicated in the business of landed property, but you need to demonstrate patience and negotiation skills. Unhealthy competition in the industry offers a tough time. Debts will be cleared. Avoid being surety or mediator for friends. You can not accept disobeying your words, and political gains are growing. You help your siblings secretly.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

This year offers you a set of good and bad results. Decisions taken with courage and confidence give you positive results. You will achieve whatever you want, but with great difficulty. People in the business of finance shall take utmost precautions. Awards or recognition could be in the offing. Promotions or transfers can happen. Interest will be developed in the areas of philosophy, literature and fine arts. You may be recommended for an honorary position. Success is indicated in competitive examinations and gain of opportunities in the profession. Challenges are shown in the job. Useless additional responsibilities increase. Success is possible in technical education. Opportunity to learn from reputed institutes also meant. A favorable time for the people in research. Care must be taken to avoid disputes; though you will defeat your enemies. Confidential matters will be exposed and could create problems. Differences are possible with the women. Resolve any issue through negotiations. Your kith and kin involved in litigation’s, court matters or police cases put the responsibility of saving on you.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You can expect a good period this year. Secrecy will be maintained by you in all the affairs, and this is for your own good. Challenges will be accepted, and you work with a competitive spirit with much success and satisfaction. Enemies will not stop your growth, and it will only make you work harder. An elevation in your career brings you joy. You will see progress in the fields of public interest and also observe financial discipline. Achievements are possible in fine arts, literature, and politics. Uncompromising hard work and foreign travels have a high possibility of fulfillment. The business of oils, seeds, machinery, and spare parts is favorable if you focus enough on them. Profits are reported in contracts, subcontracts, and lease business. You will receive help from someone during a critical time. Status and reputation increase, so long as you stay focus on whatever you do or desire. Long-standing litigations will come to an end and will bring you great relief. You may act as a mediator to resolve issues, thanks to your neutral disposition. Availing educational loans, gains in job or profession will give you all the confidence to fulfill your dreams. Speculations are favorable.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This year offers you mixed results. You have the knowledge and experiences of struggles in life since your childhood. Helping needy friends will satisfy you. You may develop an interest in sports. Political gains and growth in your job will give you joy. Favorable time for the people in technical, legal, and engineering or manufacturing sectors. Remember the cooperation and support of others, and never ignore to fulfill your commitments. Purchasing land or valuable items can come to fruition. Transfers are indicated in the job. The inefficiency of business partners leads to problems with the authorities. You need to maintain confidentiality to avoid unexpected losses. Important and secret journeys offer you many benefits. New opportunities can be expected in media, anchoring, art, and music. Self-analysis and changes in your attitude and behavior indicated. Losses are possible in investments and negligence in the documentation. Speculations or stocks could be dangerous. Profits are booming in mines or oil business. You will compromise many times in life. Challenges to your morals and skill in work rising.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

A favorable period for you in educational, scientific, cultural, professional, and business sectors. The construction of your dream house is enthralling. Enemies may create inconvenience, but you will manage well due to their lack of strength. Avoid discussions, arguments or rivalry with women. Issues can be solved through mediation or political influence. Great achievements with the support of the public could elevate your status. You will attend conferences or take part in discussions about farming, or anything related to nature, or medicine. Success is possible in all competitive examinations with your dedicated hard work. Political gains indicated. A transfer could happen. New officials benefit you much more. Hence, you will fight for your right and gain it. Your knowledge makes you an expert adviser to higher authorities. The marriage of a daughter will become a tough task. You may have to face blames for the recommendations you have done for others. People in the business of metals, medicine, vegetables, handicrafts, education, research, or food grains gain more profits.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20)

Your long-standing problems will come to an end, bringing you so much relief and peace. Stable and peaceful growth indicated in life. You will gain knowledge and experience in many areas of life. Trusting others may create a lot of inconvenience and troubles. Expected gain of ancestral property may not be there. You will overcome the obstacles in the job or profession with the support of your family. Opportunities in foreign land indicated for education and business. Gain is shown in long distance travels. Special attention will be paid to elders and children in the family. The help from your friends residing in a foreign land could give you a lot of relief in an urgent situation. Strong opposition and involvement of others in personal and family life cause inconvenience gradually. Income and expenditure will both increase. During the latter half of the year, there could be disputes about lands or buildings—something you must face objectively. Growth is possible for the people in entertainment and media. Losses are potential in the transport business. Irritation could bother you due to litigation, legal problems or police matters.


CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

Outstanding and favorable results are possible, but you need to put a lot of efforts. Your self-confidence will be your asset and strength. Issues related to water give you inconvenience. You need to struggle or fight more for everything. Do not indulge in the business of others to avoid getting deceived. Enemies will increase, and also they try to affect your reputation by exposing even small matters. Favorable results are indicated for the long distance travels, foreign tours, education in a foreign land, jobs, technical and medical school. New associations may give you good results. The gain of political power and authority could happen with the support of your advisers. Profits will be more in tenders, contracts, printing, or handicrafts. Benefits will be enjoyed in the business of mines, metals, hotels or real estate. Litigation and strain noted in monetary affairs. Your expenditure on your children may increase. Satisfactory gains are possible in agriculture and related business. The success of children in competitive exams makes you happy. Performing an auspicious function or marriage are possible.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

In 2019 Saturn has some very favorable and positive effects for Aquarians. The year will continue with you in control of everything around you whether its profession or personal life. Ketu in the 11th house adds up to some more sudden positive strokes. However, Rahu can cause some unexpected moments to your heart.  A possibility to gain power and authority in a job cannot be ruled out. You will honor prominent and eminent people in society and in turn you also gain name and fame. Those criticized you once, also join you. Your support and help boost the courage and confidence in many people. Much loss noted due to friends than enemies. New opportunities are possible for the people in music and fine arts. Students gain an opportunity to pursue an education in a foreign land. Favorable for the people in the business of furniture, fast foods, hostels. Gains are indicated in subcontracts, licenses or lease based business. The decisions of partners may lead to fewer profits or litigations with the authorities. Expansion of your business or organization will be your top priority. Inconvenience indicated in monetary transactions through the bank.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

This year is about knowing your soul plan and realizing your karmic goal. Powerful partners will join in your path. The year is confident, to begin with, as there would be a right amount of confidence and self-assurance in you despite various issues in the past. Your sign, Lord Jupiter, along with Mercury, is placed in 9th house, Scorpio. This will open up pending and unfinished tasks which you wanted last year. Venus is guarding your health and also giving some romantic adventures. Do not waste time in useless pursuits, gossiping and partying. Saturn and Ketu can give you rewards for hard and planned work. The movement or Saturn is going to change the scenario in life. This is an excellent time to start new businesses, new ways of additional income. This year offers you favorable results in all aspects of your life. Success is indicated with your steady and dedicated hard work. Prove your honesty and morality in life. Great achievements are possible with your hard work and efforts. Foreign affairs will turn to your favor. Household expenditure, including repairs or maintenance, would likely increase.