Your Monthly HOROSCOPE – December 2018

by Capt. Sukhbir Mangat


The Horoscope for this period should mark a rise in fortune. Cash flow should remain satisfactory during this period as luck appears mostly be in your favor. There may be some restrictions in life that might increase your religious disposition. Taking a pilgrimage should be a good option which might lead to spiritual learning as well. Overall, the horoscope for 2019 denotes a rise in fortune for Aries who are born in Asvini & Bharani Nakshatra…Krittika nakshatra born people will face undue hurdles in their fate matters due to Saturn in Purva ashad Nakshatra starting from 26th Nov, 2018 till 26 Dec 2019.


You are likely to hear some progressive news from your spouse’s professional end. However this might also make him/her a bit arrogant. This won’t be much of a problem as both work and personal relationships this month have positive signs. Business trip should prove beneficial for you. Strong financial gains and growth could be achieved through business or work associates. Minor disappointments at financial front are denoted but you should be able to fend them off with some careful planning. Overall, 2019 will be full of auspicious trends. Career sector would need attention.


2019 should offer some really healthy competition for you that sharpens your skills and abilities. On one hand the best is brought out in you, your spouse might show some signs of arrogance. The relation with him/her would soon turn cordial in no time. To perform better at work, you should take good care of your health. Business should have the potential to grow as relations with business partners appear cohesive. You and your spouse would together contribute significantly to overall wealth of the family. Overall the year 2019 appears to be positive for Gemini.


2019 Horoscope proposes a stunning picture for work. Employment holders may see money related advantages. Progression in work is additionally highlighted. Fresh projects may bring positive outcomes. Well being may be affected because of minor sicknesses. You should avoid engaging with any lawful issues amid this period. Health might demand extra expenses. You should not acknowledge futile exchanges at work for a better career front.  Work pressures & possibly infidelity in 2019 could spoil matters between spouse/partners.


Your Horoscope for this period shows a lively term for you. You may grow in your position of authority at work. A rising in reputation is on the horizon for you. Respect and regard at work are likely to follow. Accomplishment in new undertakings and ventures is also possible. Your network of acquaintances is likely to spread out. Students looking for options for higher education may see open entryways from government foundations. Progeny might require watchful checking. Consequently, you should heed caution. When all is said and done, the times should bring a closure to the year with positive vitality and prospering. You may have some disputes with siblings in 2019 but also, there is a possibility of handling them efficiently if you act maturely.


Your Horoscope signifies that even towards the finish of the year, you may show indications of high vitality and stamina. Your kin may win a name for themselves. Journeys may soon be possible, which may help your profound tastes. With tact and excitement, you may procure yourself the place in the public eye and groups of friends that you generally longed for. During this period, you are probably going to grow great initiative qualities and may even snatch the chance to work at a definitive position. Virgo’s born in Uttar Phalguni & Hastha nakshatra’s are likely to experience a rosy picture promising substantial achievements in 2019.


This period indicates a gutsy closure to the year. With fearless decisions to move ahead, you may observe progress not only for you, but for your kin as well. Success in ventures is almost likely. You may be spiritually inclined & embark on religious journeys. Monetary matters may see prosperity. Career may be stable with respect & acknowledgment on the cards. Swati Nakshatra people may feel delays & setbacks due to Saturn in Purva ashada nakshatra till 26th of Dec 2019. Otherwise 2019 looks to be the most fruitful and conducive year for you.


This period denotes a time of recoveries. Everything lost in the past segments of the year are probably going to be recuperated. With tolerance and patience, you may recover your well being and riches at a steady pace. The appeal & magnetism in your identity may likewise return and bring along a brighter future. You may spend extravagantly during the holiday period. A steady health may allow you to focus better on earning more profits. The period should bring a positive conclusion to the year for you. You might have to watch your back as someone may try to sneak into your personal things.


December 2018 Horoscope appears to shape you into a superior self. With obligations presented upon your shoulders, you may utilize your knowledge to deal with your funds skillfully. While dealing with your duties, you should also be aware of your own well being. Pushing your body over the limits might change things for worse. You should prioritize matters carefully, with your health being on top. Profession may stay stable. You should manage your investment funds with caution during this period. People born in Purva ashada nakshatra should take extra caution regarding their health in 2019. You need to keep your energy levels high-take extra care of your health.


This will be a balanced period. You might not enjoy much financial stability. Prosperity would come but with a few loses as well. Government work related foreign trip would give some rewards. Avoid getting into any scandals and any ego clashes. Taking advice from trustworthy and honest people should be good option this coming year. Shravana & Dhanishtha born nakshatra in Capricorn sign may face challenges & setbacks in 2019…a sign of caution for you…


There would be steady financial gains. Government job or family business may give good results. Prosperity at the professional front is indicated with credits & recognition. Peace at home may not be there but good cash flow and income is highly indicated. Luck appears to be favoring and you can expect good results from foreign and overseas ventures specially for Satabhisha born nakshatra in 2019.


Fortune appears to be on your shoulder in December 2018. Professional appears strong with an inclination towards religion. Robust energy levels should enable you to do new things. Government employees may expect some credit & recognition during this period. Respect in society would rise but minor altercations at home are also predicted. Focus more on assets and education and these should do fine for you. Good news may be expected in terms of getting a permanent job in 2019.