August Horoscope 2017 By Capt. Sukhbir Mangat


Traveling would be rewarding and exciting. Some friction with family members may persist after 17th August 2017, but matters related to home and property look upbeat. Due to the solar eclipse on 21st August, you might experience some mental distress. Saturn would move on 25th August 2017 and could bring some positive outlook business-wise. You might purchase a property or vehicle. Jupiter is also transiting to Libra in your 7th house, and it is likely to improve your luck quotient. Your intellectual abilities would also get a boost. After 17th September 2017, health issues may strike, especially stomach-related. Moreover, relationship with children may suffer.


Domineering language may not come off well. After 17th August 2017, you would experience a sense of liveliness in life. But, mouth and face related problems may cause worries. Your networking skills would benefit a lot this month. Conferences and meetings abroad would be lucrative. Saturn’s direct movement from 25th August would bring a lot of improvement in married life. Jupiter transit on 12th September would bring positive changes. Relief from any chronic health issues is possible. A misunderstanding with siblings could increase this month. You may observe a friction and distance with family members after 17th September 2017.


Your actions would be based on thoughts about yourself. Status and how others perceive you would become a priority. Travel plans may keep your schedule tight. You may also get positive news from foreign sources. Family and finance seem to be your focus of attention from 17th August 2017 on wards. You should focus on your father’s health too. After 25th August, there might be an unexpected opportunity to go abroad. Jupiter transit would strengthen your marital bond and improve understanding with a spouse. Strong chances of income rise exist as well. Your life would take a turn for the better after 17th September 2017.


Be careful in money management. The period after 17th August 2017 would bring some respite when your health improves along with your financial position. Follow spiritual pursuits. The time after 25th  August is opportune if you are thinking to get married as Saturn would resume linear motion. Jupiter transit would augur well for your career. You would get a lot of recognition & respect at work. Moreover, the international association may prove rewarding this month. From 17th September 2017, you would begin to concentrate more on family, tax, and government related finances. Financial luck would follow towards the end of September.


The beginning would see growth in income and a better social life. New earning opportunities may also knock on the door. However, being self-reliant and cautious would be better as colleagues might not be as supportive. Your financial position may waver after 17th August 2017 as there could be an imbalance between income and expenditure. You need to be cautious with where you spend your money, especially when it comes to travel plans. After 25th August, Saturn’s return to the linear motion would bring much-needed peace of mind in life and improvement in health. The period after 17th September 2017 is even better regarding money matters.


Career progress is on the horizon. A lot of growth in personal and professional matters would be there. You might get a new assignment at work or may land a promotion you have been looking for quite a while. Your salary would also increase after 17th August 2017. There would be ample profit towards the end of the month. You would enjoy a lot with your friends in August. You might travel towards the end of the month as Saturn becomes direct. You might receive an exciting job offer after 12th September. Jupiter transit would also bring progress in your current job. Your social circle would turn out to be valuable & inspiring.


Fortune would support you consistently. Any tours you make would be gainful and pleasurable as well. Increasing interest in religious activities would bring significant peacefulness. Career would bounce up immensely after 17th August 2017. You would get more power and status at work, leading to overall growth. New possibilities of growth and inheritance after 25th August. Relief in tax matters would be there as well. Great period kicks off with professional elevation. You will gain considerable ground at work and in your personal life too. You might win a new project and official position. Good marriage prospects after 12th September.


People in power may not appreciate your ideas much. Associations overseas would be quite fruitful. Issues may increase after 17th August 2017, especially in health matters. Lady luck does not seem to be supportive either. Keep your schedule relaxed in the 2nd half of the month.  Do not accept additional responsibilities that you cannot fulfill. After 25th August, you would become more hardworking and industrious, enabling progress. You might feel weak at the beginning of September; do not indulge in stressful and draining activities. Profit may come, but at the same time, some roadblocks would be possible too. Jupiter transit augurs well for study matters.


Stamina & immunity could be low at the beginning of this period so avoid stressing yourself. Gains could come in from unexpected sources, but at the same time, hurdles could be high. Luck would rise from 17th August onwards. An inclination towards religion could be felt towards the end of the month. Luck may not favor you much this month. However, Saturn is turning directly towards the end of the month, which would help curtail expenses and bring relief in health. Career would jump up tremendously after 17th September 2017. There would be growth at work as well as in your status. You will find that your level of authority & position would rise now.


You would continue to make progress on the career front and would be in charge of your life at work and home. Health would also get better eventually. Control ego in marital matters to keep peace with a spouse, especially after 17th August 2017. Chances of a business trip are there on the horizon, though you might observe an increase in opposition to your opinions as the month closes. There would be a relief in career and money matters towards the end of the month. A purchase of property or vehicle could happen after 12th September. Your relationship with the mother would also improve now. Problems with a spouse may continue through on account of your ego.


Your ego and aggression seem to be overpowering at this point. News from abroad might change the course of life towards betterment in the beginning. However, you may not be able to utilize your skills well due to stomach or face related problems. The situation would get better eventually after 17th August 2017. Hard work would bring positive results in a career as well as other aspects of life. Some haziness may persist in life due to solar eclipse this month. However, the rise in ego could lead to a troubled relationship with a spouse after 17th September 2017. Rahu-Ketu transit during this month would turn out well for you. A litigation case could go your way.


Issues concerning your mother could take place; yet, you could also buy your dream home or car this month. You might shift to the new place at the beginning of the month itself. Some issues related to health or children may confront you after 17th August 2017. You may also suffer from abdominal problems. By the end of August, ego would increase in your temperament. But at the same time, you would feel more confident towards the end of the month. A new development from overseas may trigger a positive change as Jupiter transits on 12th September. After that, you would observe right elevation at work as well due to hard work and good energy level.