Horoscope 2017 By Capt. Sukhbir Mangat

ARIES (March 21 – April19)

After a very turbulent and arduous 2016, you are on the verge of a great change & progress in 2017; your luck, happiness, and overall progress will improve. The first progress would come in after the 26th January 2016 when Saturn will move from Scorpio to Sagittarius, leaving a tough phase behind while welcoming luck, opportunities, and significant new developments in career from this period onward. You will find that your aggression will rise and you might be a bit more rude or difficult to get along in comparison to the past. But things will be productive, and progress will be good. Further as the year begins with you finding yourself, your energy levels and activity will rise. There would be a good amount of progress in career. Finances will improve. You might be traveling for gains during this period, and despite all the new events, you will still find yourself a bit pessimistic and negative at the beginning of 2017. Overall 2017 will be a positive year, and you will achieve much throughout this period.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

2017 will be a challenging year. Learn to be flexible, nimble, open to ideas, and accept the fact that you need to make certain changes in your outlook. There have been some positive and some very favorable events over the past few years, and this could be a challenge that might come in after a long time. After a very good run, you might not be very flexible to accept the changes. It would be a good idea to get ready as the going could get a bit tight but the good news is that if you are flexible and willing to accept changes there is still a lot of success and positive events that are waiting to happen. Major challenges that would affect you during this period are due to the movement of Saturn from your house of joint work, marriage and enterprise to a dark region in your horoscope which brings in unexpected hurdles and challenges. Mostly luck and career will get devalued, and so the ease with which your good results and positive events were happening will slow down, and you will need to work that much harder to make things happen.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

This year, you will be positive as you would be energetic and aggressive in all you do. But, as the year progresses, you might find some pressures that will start mounting and mostly in the form of opposition to your ideas. The movement of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius is in your house of marriage, relationships, partners and joint projects. Mostly this would have a negative impact and could build up resistance and hurdles in your life. You will find some luck that your spouse would experience during this period due to the effect of Saturn. Pressure at work will increase from the 6th April 2017; and after the 20th June 2017, there would be a certain amount of freshness, energy and a good amount of progress. The high energy will return, and some substantial growth will be possible between 20th June 2017 and 26th October 2017. Mostly the period beyond that will help you get into a new pattern and if you focus on overseas businesses, activities and enterprise connected with foreign sources then the year will be luckier than expected.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

This year would see major personality changes in you. You would act in a different manner, and the negativity and the pessimism of the past will give way to a high amount of energy, and confidence, but a very fix attitude with a somewhat difficult temperament. You have to be careful that while you will be working hard and your fortunes could be on the upswing, it is your lack of flexibility and difficulty dealing with others that could bring your downfall. If you can handle everything carefully, progress is assured. Otherwise, you could suffer a fall of status and competition. You would see the movement of Saturn from your 5th house to 6th house that is from Scorpio to Sagittarius, signifying a shift in your thinking. The negative and the unpleasant thoughts in your mind will give way to a very positive and aggressive temperament. You will work well, make things happen, aggressive at work, and result oriented, and at the same time, you will also be very active in personal life and various matters connected with you.

LEO (July23 – August 22)

You would have a positive and gainful year. Financially, there would be progress, growth, and new opportunities. You might find yourself negatively inclined and might see some setbacks in status or reputation towards the end of the year. Progress would be good, and you should make substantial gains and movement forward in your life. Saturn’s movement from Scorpio to Sagittarius will see a change in your house of children and investments. While investments may be good, you might not be very happy with regards to connecting with the kids. Negativity in thought and some differences of opinion with children could come about creating unnecessary hassles. Despite the negative thinking, you will find that you will be able to express yourself very well, meet with people in an excellent manner and impress everybody around you. Failing to be flexible or being intolerant of people around you could lead to a negative impression from others, and it could have an impact after September 2017 on finances and other related issues.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

You seem to be cut off from people around you, and this will continue till September 2017. You would be bursting with new ideas and creativity, but the actual results and growth will come in after September 2017. The year will start on a good note as you will be in an expansion mode and find new opportunities but after 26th January 2017, with the movement of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius, some compulsions at home could stop or slow down the process to some extent. You might find domestic matters and the need to be away from home could be a deterrent in progress for you. Some amount of issues relating to the health of family members could also be a cause of concern for you. Issues could mount after the 6th April 2017, but improvements will come in tremendously after the 20th June 2017 too, when Saturn will roll back into Scorpio and will give you back the energy and stamina for growth throughout. Mostly, the period till 26th October 2017 will be very positive, and after that, you might find changes once again.

LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

It’s going to be a very positive year for you. Overall upward trends will be felt in various aspects of your life and the level of achievements and growth would improve. The year will begin good when Saturn moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, leaving your house of wealth and family to expand and prove yourself. You would find your status rising. Growth would be tremendous, and new opportunities would open up most of the year. Some distortion in thinking and lack of clarity could start around the 6th April 2017 and between the 20th June 2017 and 26th October 2017 you might suffer some setbacks. It could be connected with children or investments, or real estate or home matters, due to the fallback of Saturn into its previous sign, thus, making this period difficult for finances. Once you cross 26th October 2017 things will be fine and positive, and you will get on to a good phase of growth once again. The year would begin with high expenses on real estate and related aspects of life, though you would remain oriented towards spiritualism.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

This year is going to be positive and gainful for you. You would find yourself in the midst of a lot of activities and actions. Despite positive events, personal life and personal relationships could be very difficult for you. Broadly speaking, you will find the effect of Saturn receding after more than two years of a negative period where it influenced your personality and changed your temperament to a large extent. The movement of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius will take place on the 26th January 2017 and will make your character and ability to be flexible and interact with people much better. There would be gains from real estate and some amount of progress due to the extended family will also become possible for you during this time. Family life could get affected, and you might find the distance from people around you also after 26th January 2017. Some difficult trends could start after the 6th April and continue till the 28th August 2017. Setbacks could be experienced in personal matters as well as work related issues after the 20th June 2017

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 20)

This is going to be a mixed year. While you have had challenges during 2016 and would continue to have certain challenges in 2017, the nature of issues would be different. The problems that came to you during 2016 were unexpected and beyond your control while the issues that you would face during 2017 would be things that you could handle in a different way if you mold yourself according to the time. Your attitude and your reaction to situations would determine your luck and fortune to a colossal extent. Saturn would move from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26th January 2017, and that would bring a lot of changes in your life. Your finances will improve and you will not feel as disconnected and cut off from family & your personal matters. On the other hand, you might find personal problems, as well as anxiety and frustration, could rise. You might get into situations where you might feel helpless, but during this year it is a test of character. You need to stand your ground, be transparent and honest in your dealings.

CAPRICORN (Dec21 – Jan 19)

2017 would be a challenging year, but gains and progress will remain substantial. You should mentally prepare yourself to handle challenges. Saturn which has been very favorable for you over the last 4-5 years would move its sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26th January 2017. This would not be positive as it will increase your expenses, financial commitments, and pressures. The issues in financial matters and even professional matters could turn a bit challenging after the 6th April 2017, but after the 20th June 2017, you might find the pressures could roll back, and you might find yourself back again with a lot of progress and positive energy for you. This is mostly on account of the rollback of Saturn from Sagittarius into Scorpio. The phase will be positive until the 26th October 2017, and you could expect to make many gains and progress. Beyond 26th October 2017 challenges could come back but as long as you are honest in your dealings and you are straight in what you want in life, the challenges will not be substantial.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

2017 seems to be a very promising year for you. The progress would be tremendous during 2017 as well as 2018. During 2017 you will find yourself much in control, there would be gains and progress due to efforts made by you in the past. Luck would be high, and you will find some karmic influences that will help you progress and lead a happier life compared to the past. You will be much in control and would be able to deal with people in a better manner and be able to find yourself a good amount of deals as well as favorable terms in nearly everything you do during the year. 2017 would be a year germinated by the effects of Saturn for you. But in your case, Saturn has some very favorable and positive effects. The year will start with you in control of everything around in terms of profession or personal life. Beyond 26th January 2017, Saturn will move sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius and will give you a jump up regarding gains and income. The level of control might slow down, but income and gains should come up tremendously during this time.

PISCES (Feb 19 – March 20)

2017 promises to be a positive year. You will find it quite beneficial and gainful for you and would give you nearly all the things that you have been aspiring for over the last 2-3 years. The year is positive, there would be confidence and self-assurance in you despite various issues in the past. Lots of changes have occurred over the last few years, and your mindset and thinking have now evolved to be a different one. This will help you to take the next steps forward and make progress and decisions that you have been waiting. The year would begin with the major change of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius. There has been an intense change as Saturn has been sitting in a relatively easy and blessed situation. You have been the recipient of various gains and progress, but the level of activity must have been soft and subtle. The movement or Saturn is going to change the scenario of your life. Career will get activated, you will word harder, and some new channel of work could also develop because of foreign connections at work.