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Connecting the Dots- Building Healthy Society

Medical Lead, South Asian Health Institute, Fraser Health (, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine. The University of British Columbia, Adjunct Professor Faculty of Health Sciences Simon Fraser University; Distinguished Visiting professor , Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), Executive Member: Global Association of Physicians of India Origin (

Equity-Diversity and Inclusivity—Barriers and Opportunity—Women’s Health 

My sincere congratulations to Drishti Media for this special issue on the Empowerment of Women and Society. I have a deep interest and commitment to overcoming barriers and lowering the burden of diseases. All leading to a healthy society. Highlighting the barriers and challenges for a specific culture, gender, or ethnic group is critical for a healthy society.

This year’s Canada India Network Society conference, CINI 2022, is dedicated to Women’s Health. Scheduled for June 18th 0830 to 1230 morning. The session will be virtual on zoom, and registration is open on our website

The session’s theme is to lower the barriers through awareness and leadership. We will have a very distinguished group of researchers and clinicians from the community share the information to inform and empower the individuals in understanding the challenges. The session will be chaired by Dr. Lesa Dawson of the University of British Columbia, a leader in preventing and lowering the burden of cancer in the province. Some of the areas explored will be barriers to access, social determinants, individual awareness, information about the disease, and opportunities for engagement. The central theme is how to engage the individual in self-care and self-management through knowledge and networks. All delivered as voices from the trenches.

As of February, we have confirmed topics of cancer and lowering the burden and identifying barriers, Chronic Pain, Gestational Diabetes, Leaders and Engagement, Cervical Cancer, Lessons from Covid, Barriers in Research and SA women, Maternal Health project in India, Fraser Health and its efforts in SA health. Thus, a 4hr. session will go a long way in bringing awareness, making recommendations for lowering the barrier, building a network, and developing capacity.

Self-empowerment is an integral part of self-awareness, an area deeply rooted in India’s long traditions and science of yoga science. The conference will build on this on Sunday, June 19th morning through a zoom session. Post covid, there is a deep interest in the role of the individual in their care along with traditional medical science. This includes linking body, mind, and intellect to better health. We will hear from practicing health providers about transformation in health care, recognition of lifestyle and connectivity of physical body to mind and intellect for optimum health, and lowering the burden of chronic disease.

The special issue provides a glimpse of the contribution made by women members of society. I want to emphasize the critical role women have played and continue to play in building a healthy society, sometimes at significant personal commitment and sacrifice.

As we go forward post Covid, it will be a great mistake not to learn from the pandemic’s lessons. Especially how critical the role of the individual in good health, the role of prevention, health promotion, and the power of the community. This special issue recognizes the importance of individual diversity in society and as the critical foundation of good health. We must build capacity to provide access and delivery of the services which is culturally safe and effective. The barriers of bias, ignorance, racism, etc., have no place in health. THE Challenge for us is the lack of awareness and thorough publications like these. We must break some of these barriers. In doing so, the primary emphasis is on building sustainable solutions for all. This is not asking for advocacy but rather stewardship through knowledge sharing, innovative thinking, and a balanced approach. All these are components of Integrative Thinking or better health, empowerment, education, and engagement of the individual and the community.