Guest Health Editorial

Connecting the Dots - Building a Healthy Society


Arun K Garg, PhD, MD FRCPC

Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine. The University of British Columbia, (  Medical Director, South Asian Health Institute, Fraser Health (, Adjunct Professor Faculty of health Sciences Simon Fraser University; Distinguished Visiting professor , Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), Executive Member: Global Association of Physicians of India Origin (

Covid has once again pre-occupied the news of its new variant—Omicron. Last year, we all went through the unprecedented impact of the invisible enemy, and it keeps reinventing to test our mantle. I had proposed the 5 Ps of Prevention, Protection, Promotion of healthy living, Prayers to declutter the mind, and Philanthropy—as we are all in it together. I will add a bonus to the list, another P for all of us, making it as the 6th P—do not Panic. We all are stressed to limit, anxiety and mental challenge are at their peak; however, like most challenges in life, they will also pass. The Health System, front-line workers, nurses and doctors, and all health care providers are working for all of us. Let us join with them and see the end of this pandemic.

My central theme for this month’s editorial is to share with you the joy and pride I felt at the November Drishti award, which is well-covered in this issue. Our community is talented, and it is making a massive contribution to building a stronger Canada for tomorrow. My congratulations to all nominees and special recognition for the winners. This year is a tremendous personal link to Nawal Ji and Drishti. First, Drishti Media has adopted our recently founded 50 years legacy South Asian Health Fund at Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

The fund has a unique link to the community, connecting the dots and asking for direct health care engagement. The fund will not only recognize your financial contribution. However, it will inspire you to connect with the health system and provide information on health care to you with a culturally safe, relevant, and practical lens. In other words, a genuine partnership between the health care system and you. Please visit the foundation website and connect with the core committee chaired by our business leader Meres Hema Bhatt. Our vision is to build the fund for substantial innovation and excellence, focusing on mental wellness, brain, and integrative approach to health. I thank Drishti for their active support and for making their role in building a healthy society real. This fund is your project and initiative. Please join us to lower the burden of chronic diseases.

Another vital link was establishing the CINS- Drishti Individual Award to promote Canada India Health. The winner this year is the executive director of Simon Fraser University, Surrey campus, Mr. Steven Dooley. Steven is a tireless champion for the health of the community. As founding chair, I had the pleasure of watching Steven support initiatives of Simon Fraser University in engaging the community locally and also between Canada and India. As Covid has confirmed us a global village, we must connect outside of our national boundaries. Health is critical. Not only for physical well-being but also involved economic business, our gross national product is linked to the health of the society and the individual. Canada India Network society is so proud to be in this space and congratulates Stephen for his well-deserved award.

I am sure you recognize we have chosen tag line connecting the dots with a vision. Every action is interconnected, and it is the well-being of the integrated system that society and individuals can be healthy. This column, Drishti Magazine, Drishti Awards, CIND DRISHTI individual awards are interlinked, and you as an individual of our community—are part of this network. So as we say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022, let us make a concerted effort to do our part in building a healthy civil society. CINI 2022 is June 17 – 19, with the theme of Integrative Thinking for Issues of Women’s Health. Please mark the dates and join us. (