PSORIASIS is certainly a mysterious disease, affecting upwards of 3% of the world’s population and being notoriously stubborn to treat with conventional medicine. Below are a few facts about this chronic skin disease.

FACT #1:

Psoriasis is NOT a contagious disease. While psoriasis is often inherited through one’s genetics, with 30% of

children developing it if one parent has it and upwards of 70% of children developing psoriasis if both parents have it, psoriasis is NOT in any way contagious. Your loved ones will not ‘catch’ psoriasis by any amount of skin to skin contact, nor will those white flakey scales rub off and cause psoriasis to appear in new areas of your body, or anyone else’s. Psoriasis is a disease related to the malfunction of one’s immune system and is not spread from contact with the disease.

FACT #2:

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, caused by imbalances deep within the body, and seen as a ‘multisystem disease’ not restricted to just the skin. People with the disease tend to have increased rates of depression, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases like crohn’s

and colitis, and even increased pregnancy risks like miscarriage. The inflammation we see occurring on the skin’s surface is also affecting the inside of the body, making it imperative for psoriasis sufferers to try their darn best to stop cigarette smoking and excessing alcohol intake, as both of these lifestyle choices are well known to increase inflammation.

FACT #3:

Psoriasis is quite an old disease, having been diagnosed in China since 600 AD where such names as Bai Bi (White crust) and Gan Xuan (Dry dermatosis) were used. In one ancient Chinese textbook, we see a fairly accurate description of how psoriasis looks, even to this day, ‘Dry dermatosis will have an outer layer of skin that looks dry. White scales will come off when scratched.’ With such a long history of Chinese medicine, comes a very long history of treatment, with literally thousands of doctors treating millions of patients with psoriasis over these past 1500+ years. Today, doctors of Chinese medicine, specializing in dermatology, continue to use methods found to be effective by the accumulated experiences of those past doctors.

By far, the most accepted treatment for psoriasis is, and has always been, herbal medicines – applied directly to the psoriasis itself, but particularly drunk as a tea so as to treat the body internally. These ancient methods help confirm what medical scientists are just figuring out in our modern world now, that psoriasis is an internal disease that absolutely needs internal medicines to help treat it.

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