If you are looking for ways to boost your energy levels, immunity system, and focus, we have got you covered! Respiratory actions are having something of a moment. This autumn find new ways to beat stress, anxiety and gift yourself a good night’s sleep. Feeling optimistic already? Well, what if we told you it’s all in the breathing when done right can change our life like never before. Drawing air in and letting it out again: it’s a process that is so intuitive you’d be forgiven for not really thinking much about it. You can do them anywhere and very easy to follow. Needless to add, they can make you feel better almost instantly. Only take out fifteen minutes of your time for these life-enhancing breathing techniques to de-stress instantly and find a bit more balance.


  • Exercise: Sit in a chair or lie flat on the ground. Place one hand on your chest and then take a deep breath into your hand. After that place this hand on your stomach and take a deep breath. The idea is to get your stomach to drive your hand up keeping your chest still. You can do this for 6 to 8 breaths, followed uniting the chest and belly breaths simultaneously. By doing this, you can benefit in increased oxygen supply in the body and opening up the lungs.
  • Exercise: Inhale slowly but take a big one. Hold on to it for a few seconds, now moving your top front teeth on your bottom lip, discharge a slow exhale. The exhale must take twice longer than your inhale. Just when you exhale, halt a moment, then repeat.

By doing this, your heart rate slows down, aids in stressed, anxiety-inducing situations. Expect a settled mind, better sleep and relaxed you.

  • Exercise: Lie flat on the floor and do the above two combined exercises mentioned above. Then shut your eyes and with every exhale concentrate on calming a part of your body, begin with feet and work your way up to the top. This helps release tension, stress-related migraines, back pain, and chronic fatigue.

Wellness Expert- Siva Samuel highlights the essence of deep breathing. He says, ‘Breathing is something we all do all day long, every day. However, few do it correctly. Proper breathing is a great way to relieve stress, lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and remain energized to carry on with your day. Proper deep breathing surges the supply of oxygen to your brain and fuels the nervous system, which stimulates calmness. Breathing exercises help you feel connected to your body, steers away worries and quiets your mind. Thus, breathing well is the secret of life!

Try this desk exercise to improve your health-

This is an ideal one to practice at the desk, during your break time on a working day. Sit restfully in your chair while keeping your hands on your thighs and your spine tall with the spine slightly away from your chair. Inhale deeply and slowly through the nose and raise the shoulders to the ears.  Exhale and let the shoulders go. Do this 5-10 times and then revolve the shoulders slowly in the backward direction. See how you sit at your desk—a good posture can help you breathe easier. This would also help release tension in the respiratory muscles, shoulders and upper back.’

Happy Breathing!