Do you suffer with troubled skin? Do you feel like you have tried everything there is to try? Every moisturizing cream, every steroid—and yet your skin still itches, still aches, and still burns? Roughly one in five people visit their doctor for troubled skin, mostly disappointed with the treatment they receive. Modern medicine struggles with chronic skin disease for one simple reason: they fail to use methods that support the inside of the body, the place where the skin disease originates.

DIET: Simply put, we are what we eat and our skin is no exception. What we put into our body can influence the health of our skin. Focus your diet on whole foods that are fresh and vibrant and mostly vegetables. Avoid sugary processed foods as much as possible as these are notorious for creating inflammation, particularly for acne, and increasing body weight. Eat good quality fats and oils, including real butter and olive oil, rather than margarine and hydrogenated oils. If you like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, try to be moderate at one or two glasses, as it is well know that alcohol can aggravate inflammation, particularly for skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

EXERCISE: Moving your body helps your blood and body fluids to circulate, which helps prevent the build up of toxins. Exercise helps the body to sweat, allowing for trapped heat to escape. Exercise also helps to keep our body weight in a good shape, as obesity is linked to all sorts of skin diseases.

MENTAL HEALTH: The relationship between emotional stress and skin disease is well known, and so it makes sense to keep your emotions calm and peaceful. Meditate. Maintain healthy relationships with friends and family. Go for walks in the forest or along the beach. Watch a funny movie! See a counselor if you are struggling.

HERBAL MEDICINE: For many people, changing your lifestyle may not be good enough. The skin disease you are suffering from may be too deep, too stubborn—to change. This is where herbal medicines, drunk as a tea, can really help. By working from the inside of your body, they aim to treat the root of the problem and bring your body back to balance—hopefully for many years to come! Of course, when using herbal medicines for the treatment of skin disease is always best to seek out a professional who is skilled in this area of health care. After a thorough assessment of your skin is done, a custom mix of herbal ingredients can be designed for you to drink as a tea, which will then help to heal your skin from within.

Dr. Trevor Erikson is a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who focuses entirely on the natural treatment of skin disease. He may be reached by phone at 778.886.1180, or through his website at www.drerikson.com.