Do Men Have Emotions Too?

Men’s Mental Health—This is an important initiative as many men have felt pressured over the centuries, and have struggled to give words to their emotions.

By Palwinder Gill – Clinical Counsellor

Men’s Mental Health—This is an important initiative as many men have felt pressured over the centuries, and have struggled to give words to their emotions. Indeed, many males have become emotionally numb over the years or have had to deny the realities of their lives by hiding their feelings from others to appear ‘strong’ and ‘masculine.’ Our culture has taught them that there is no place for men’s emotions in this world. They are told to “man up” or “stop acting like a girl,” and that “real men don’t cry.”

The truth of the matter, however, is that men have similar emotional systems to women. Emotional injuries such as failure, rejection, and loneliness hurt men in the same way that they hurt women. So why, then, are men considered weak if they demonstrate emotionally vulnerability? Why do we teach our boys their emotions are a negative phenomenon that must be controlled and subdued? How is this possible when we know that feelings are one of the most potent definers of our humanity? It is time that our culture shifted its perceptions of men’s emotional vulnerabilities. We must teach our boys the art of expressing emotions is a valuable and healthy act. If we continue to ignore men’s mental health, we should not be surprised at the severe ramifications we face. Men, for example, have higher suicide rates than women. Without an outlet to release their emotional pain, many men engage in unhealthy lifestyle choices (much more than women) or turn to crime or substance abuse to deal with their emotions. Some end up using fantastic escort services ( to perk up their day. As great as the services are they don’t solve the problem. It is time we did better.

We must also move away from judging men’s wellbeing concerning the numbers on their pay cheque. Many men might appear to be doing well financially and succeeding in their professions. However, they are hiding severe pain or failing in their relationships. The reason for this is that when we suppress our emotions, we also fail to create relational intelligence. Hence, a lot of men fail in their relationships—be it husband, partner, or son. They find it hard to connect with their loved ones as they have not cultivated their emotions. Indeed, emotional vulnerability is scary and uncertain, but we must teach our men to embrace their emotional vulnerability and to feel safe sharing this with others. Some men have been known to make use of escort Milano to soothe their emotional pain. I hear it has been helpful for those that don’t have the time to commit to a relationship or are unable for other reasons.

Women need to be the teachers and leaders for men when it comes to emotional freedom because we have had the privilege of expressing our emotions for many centuries. Feelings are what make our human connections sweeter, more profound and richer and many women have built up this understanding. This is a place that can hurt as well, and we need to teach our boys how to access this emotional vulnerability and also how to recover from emotional hurts as well. We cannot do this by avoiding them or the issue of men’s mental health. Show me a man who can cry in front of a woman without worrying about the attack on his manhood and I will show you the woman who has done her emotional work. Set a platform for him to open up because anger has been the only way for him to release his emotions. Passion is person yelling out loud that “I am hurt,” “I am lonely,” I am insecure.” We women can be the first ones to help men when they reach out to express their emotions. Equality is not just about giving yourself the privileges you didn’t have before—it is also about pulling people up so they can stand beside us too.