Canada India Networking Initiative 2018 (CINI 2018)

June is just around the corner and we are excited about the conference. CINI 2018 is designed as an outcome focused interactive conference.

By Dr. Arun Garg

June is just around the corner and we are excited about the conference. CINI 2018, like its predecessors in 2010 and 2014 is designed as an outcome focused interactive conference.  The theme of CINI 2018 is  “Building Healthy Civil Society thorough Innovation, Technology and Engagement”.

The meeting is not a “conference” in the traditional sense, where an expert gives presentation and learner take the message for its use home. These sessions of the conference are sharing of work being done by the speaker to build further depth and capacity for the project. It is what we call Active Interaction and Networking. Each session is further enhanced by designated Champions who are expert in their own rights and committed to the area. The outline of the program is

Friday June 8th 2018, 0900 to 1400 hr Round Table 1 on Technology, professionalism and Quality- Small group of leaders  have in depth discussion on possible projects in respective area- The session Champions include Louise Turner CEO of Innovation Blvd and Dr Roy Norton of Fraser Health.

Friday, 0600 to 0930 hr opening reception and Network, Our partners Simon Fraser, Fraser Health, Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (GAPIO), Canadian Association of Physicians of Indian origin and Physician with interest in South Asia will kick off the conference. We plan to acknowledge and recognise leaders at the event (by invitation)

Saturday Moring Session at SFU Surrey campus will start the scientific sessions, topics include how lower the burden of chronic diseases, called non communicable Chronic Disease (NCD) using Diabetes as the framework. Though our focus is South Asian population, the learnings are scalable and applicable to population at large. The Hon Minister of Health Mr Adrianne Dix will join the session. Co-Chair George Abbott (former health Minster) and Dr Ramesh Mehta President of GAPIO along with the Champion of the session Marc Pelletier of Inst of Health System Transformation and Sustainability will coordinate presentations of Deljit Bains, Sean McKelvey, Gulzar Cheema and JT Thakur in their projects on non-therapeutic interventions for healthy living and lowering the burden of Diabetes.

2nd hr of the morning will have co-chair of Victoria Lee and Lakshmi Yatham with Anson Koo as Champion. We will hear from 2 leading Practioners in mental health Nitasha Puri and Suma Kollipara. The burden of mental health is huge in the society and we all need to find sustainable solutions,

Last hour of the morning session will be exploring emerging practices around Palliative Care and cross pollination of East and West philosophy in this very precious area.The Under co- chair of Simon Sutcliffe and Sheila Chaturvedi with Simon Sutcliffe and JT Thakur a s Champion. BC palliative Society Director Dori Barwich and Two World’s Gillen Fyles will share practical and interactive concepts and ideas.

Afternoon of Saturday will be bringing Professionalism, Leadership to forefront and how these tools can build and support sustainable healthy civil Society. With Anupam Sibal and Tania Bubela as Co-chair, Roy Morton as Champion, session will hear from Anupam Sibal, Graham Dickson, Arvind Lal and Robert Woollard on leadership, Physican, Leads Tools and professionalism.

Sunday will start with Integrative Health with Sunita Vohra and Sunil Parikh as Co-chairs with Tania Bubela and Farah Shroff as champions. The session will include presentations by Farah Shroff on Ayurvedic medicine. Libby Garg on Fast Nutritious Food and its role of nutrition in integrated health. Other speakers will include John O’Neal on Traditional Chines medicine Clinic and integration with First nation, David Florkowski on Traditional Chinese Medicine in curriculum, Angella Dixon on patient experience using integrative medicine.  We also planning a more in depth round table on Monday led by Sunita Vohra  with Tania Bubela and Arun garg as Champion and address specific question of  opportunities and challenges in integrative Emdicne and Canadian health academic centres and  how to increase research content and capacity in Canadian Inst on integrative health practices.

Last session of the conference e will bring experts, Practioners in technology and share its application to build healthy civil society. Hon Brice Ralston , Minister of Technology, Govt of BC  will be joining the session. The session will be chair by Kathy Kinloch and Sanku Roy with Phil Barker and Louise Turner as Champion. Short, snappy focused presentations by Nancy Price, Janet Funk, Anmol Kapoor, Paula Ardiles, Arun Jankar Akiko Campbell and Kendall Ho, in their cherished projects, will be shared. Dr Sangita of Apollo Health of India on Technology and health will be a keynote speaker.

The conference will end with closings session of reports by respective Champions and recommendations and next steps. As I indicated, the conference is all about how we connect, build networks and collaborate to build healthy civil society in the context of Canada and India partnership.

Conference is organised by Canada India Network Society and co-hosted by Fraser health and Simon Fraser University. This is midyear international meeting of (GAPIO)  and clinical meeting of Physicians with interest in South Asia (PISA) and Canadian Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (CAPIH). Our title platinum sponsor is British Columbia Institute of Technology. We are supported by our many Gold, Silver level sponsors and community partners, media partners and service partners. Government of Canada, British Columbia and Surrey along with Surrey Board of Trade and Innovation Blvd of Surrey business organisation are supporters. Full list will be in our program booklet and web site

Friday Round table 0900 to 1400- innovation Blvd office Surrey

Friday evening 0600 to 0930 hr Opening Reception City of Surrey Foyer

Saturday morning Session 1  0900 to 1230 Diabetes, palliative Care and Mental health Addiction- SFU Surrey

Saturday Afternoon 1315 to 1600 Leadership and Health- SFU Surrey

Saturday evening 1800 to 2200 Banquet- Royal King Banquet Hall, Payal Business centre

Sunday Morning 0900 to 1200 integrative medicine SFU Surrey

Sunday Afternoon 1230 to 1600 Technology- innovation SFU Surrey

Sunday 1600 to 1700 Closing session- SFU Surrey

Sunday 1700 to 1830 Reception and Networking -SFU Surrey

Monday 0900 to 1300 Round Table Integrative Medicine Corporate Office- Fraser health