Herbal medicines are a good treatment for psoriasis

During the first couple weeks of September I had the fortune to attend an international dermatology seminar in London, England, where doctors travelled from nine different countries to discuss and deepen their skills in using herbal medicines to treat complicated skin, allergic and autoimmune disease. Many of the doctors in attendance were themselves western specialists who had switched over to herbal medicines as their primary treatment choice. It was truly inspiring to see the work that these doctors are doing all over the world, treating real people with very real disease, and relying mostly on natural medicines.

Among the various diseases mentioned – such as lichen planus, hair loss, atopic eczema, asthma, crohn’s and colitis – I was very interested in psoriasis, as about 40% of my current practice of medicine is for the treatment of this chronic disease. It was very good to see that the consensus amongst doctors was that herbal medicines, when properly prescribed, offer a very cost effective treatment for psoriasis, one that is generally safe and with good long term remission.

While doctors around the world may know that herbal medicines are a good option to treat stubborn disease, as I witnessed at this seminar in London, many of the people who are actually suffering with chronic diseases do not know this. Unfortunately, herbal medicines are often people’s last resort, as they will try a long list of other methods first. I have heard this from many of the patients that I have helped over the years.

A good example would be the retired man who came to see me a few years ago for help with psoriasis. He had reacted negatively to the steroid creams he was prescribed, finding that his skin greatly worsened, leaving him quite irritable, hot and very itchy. He had even tried various alternative treatments, except for Chinese medicine, but found no relief. Finally, through word of mouth, he decided to make the journey to see me and give herbal medicines a try.

After just two weeks of consuming a herbal tea and applying some herbal creams, this man’s skin was a remarkable 70% improved. He felt less hot, less itchy and had a much more positive outlook on life. No other treatment had been able to achieve such great resolution in such a short period of time. I myself was quite excited to see the speedy results, as it usually takes much longer to see such changes. Over the following months of treatment he cleared very well and to my knowledge has remained in good shape after stopping the herbs.

The treatment of psoriasis is not easy by any means and is why I dedicate the time to fly so far away to deepen my learning amongst other caring physicians. Herbal medicines have a long history of effectively, and safely, treating the most stubborn of health problems, and it is truly inspiring to witness the power that these medicines have.

Dr. Erikson uses Chinese herbal medicines to treat a variety of skin conditions. He can be reached by phone at 778.886.1180 or through his website at www.drerikson.com.