Fly High With Aerial Yoga

Folks you all are familiar with yoga on the ground, but how about some upscale yoga in the air?

Yes, please! Aerial Yoga, the anti-gravity fitness exercise or art form looks intimidating. However, has loads of health benefits. Why not try an interesting way to shed weight and boost confidence, bring it on we say!

You have to be able to hang, though, as it uses hammocks where you gently rock back and forth, results in taking pressure off your neck and spine! Let’s see why everyone is going gaga over the fun and super effective Aerial Yoga or what makes it tick.

Find Your Flow In A Silk

Aerial yoga is a combination of yoga exercises and acrobatics which you can practice while enveloped in a fabric hammock. To begin with, your expert or instructor will get you to do basic stretches, and gradually ramp up the difficulty in locking your body into position while hanging upside down in a cocoon of fabric. There has to be a focus on your breathing and stretching, without falling three feet onto the floor. In short, Aerial Yoga allows you to do yoga in the air, suspended by silk, a hammock that floats, flies and inverts your body while you move through regular yoga movements. Creating an elegant flow is something akin to a dance performance. You can practice Aerial Yoga at home instead of going to the gym, going out for a run in the cold or even while on vacation!

Aerial yoga transforms your body, body confidence, and your heart. It offers a slew of benefits from working on your core strength, shoulder stability, trims your waist. It improves your arms plus chest muscles, relaxes your nerves, and improves your overall emotions. It improves hip movements, strengthens the upper body, improved blood pressure, cholesterol, calms anxiety, improves varicose veins condition and brightens the skin.

Remember, to have someone nearby who can help you get out of it should you become stuck in the air. The fabric hammock should not be breakable under the weight of a grown up adult; it should be professional cotton-silk design to support the weight. People with heart issues, spinal problems or glaucoma should steer clear of this form.

Well, after you have defied gravity you can pretty much do anything right?

Expert Talk

Aerial Yoga expert, Shruti Jasani gives us some useful insights into the art form, ‘Aerial workout/ yoga/ gymnastics is a unique way of fitness. Along with fun challenges it also provides a range of health benefits- strength, flexibility, mood enhancement, removes toxins from the body, being suspended upside down empties your tired blood cells and allows stress to release the blood rush to the head is a super way to provide nourishment to your skin and hair. Strengthening internal organs, digestive system, etc. Above all the feeling of being able to fight gravity and fly gives the mind and the heart a happy high. And of course, it helps in weight loss and body toning. Also as your body weight is taken off the ground with these activities they are low impact, so an injury to the joints are less likely than weight-bearing exercises like running and gym.

Levels of hormones like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine (associated with stress exhilaration – fall, while levels of the sleep-inducing oxytocin rise, all encouraging feelings of relaxation. I have observed that little children  (5 years onwards) who practice aerial start showing an improvement in motor skills, coordination of the mind and body, understanding time, distance, speed, size and weight transfer. They start showing a sense of responsibility towards their practice as they get super driven to achieve new elements of the apparatus (silk, hoop, trapeze). They walk out of class feeling motivated and a sense of achievement.  All of this is so important for the growth of a child in the early days as this is when their personalities are being formed.

Conquering fear of height, fear of falling, fear of learning. All aerial apparatuses have different ways and means for tricks, though the silk is my favorite.  Being suspended high up in the air, twisting your body into different shapes, finding modalities and ways to tie knots on various parts of your body and hang in various parts of the body. Understanding transitions from one element into another. Mastering different ways of climbing and descending. For shedding weight or taking this art form to the next level one should practice at least 90 minutes a day. Aerial practice is not only a challenge to the body but also the mind, understanding complex movement, following instructions when you are upside down, understanding on another person’s body what the movement looks like.’

Do’s and Dont’s:

‘Very often students get inspired to hang the apparatus in their house, but this is not recommended unless they have at least 5- 7 years of experience and can perform different elements  with full awareness without supervision. A safety mattress and right hooks on the ceiling must be used. Rigging these apparatus must be done by rigging experts only.’

So what are you waiting for? Get fit, boost your energy and mood while having fun! Say hello to a confident, fit and braver you.