Is high cholesterol the main cause of Heart attack?

One of the top killers in Canada is heart diseases. Every minute a person dies from heart attack and the moment you finish reading this article, someone somewhere has already died of heart attack. It is one of the scariest and top list of worries along with cancer. This is why CPR training should be greatly encouraged at a place like Coast2Coast in Hamilton. Earlier the heart attack occurs mostly after the age 50 with few warning signs. Now a days heart attack occurs to younger generation without any warning signs. A research study from 15 medical centers shows that heart attack occurs to the young generation (15-34 years of age). This is the more worried part. What is the exact cause of heart attack? Is there only one or multiple factors involved in that. Let us make all these things clear. There is a need for looking into this disease in a broad way rather than traditional risk factors. You should know exactly what is happening inside your body and what are your risk factors for developing this diseases and preventing them at much earlier stage before signs and symptoms appear.

General misconception of high cholesterol

Most of the persons come to me and say “I have high cholesterol disease and am on medication from so many years. How do you reverse back my high cholesterol disease. First question I always ask “ Why are you scared of high cholesterol? They say “ If our cholesterol remains high we can have heart attack.” I just realized that most of the persons have misconception that high cholesterol is mainly linked to heart attack. First of all I would like to make it clear that high cholesterol is not a diseases, it’s just a symptom that can be corrected easily. You don’t have to take medicine for the rest of your life. Most of the persons do believe that they can reduce the risk of heart attack by taking cholesterol lowering drug. Which is absolutely wrong. Research has shown that these drugs don’t reduce the risk of heart attack but can add more diseases in your body. They are dangerous when you take them and even more dangerous if you stop them all of a sudden. Once you start taking them, your body becomes addicted to these drugs. That is the reason you need to take these drugs for the rest of your life. Let me explain how. They have the great tendency to damage your liver and become the store house of multiple diseases.

Fact about high cholesterol

Cholesterol is present naturally in your body. Depends upon our genetic programming, some people produce more cholesterol than others. Cholesterol is in your blood is harmless and in fact is healthy. It is really required in our body to make all organs function normally. It gives good cushion to your nerves and protects them. You absolutely need good cholesterol in your diet. It does not matter how much cholesterol you have in your body. Main concern is how much cholesterol has been clogged in your arteries a disease known as atherosclerosis. And let me explain clogging arteries does not happen over night. It takes years to clog arteries. It is faster if artery is damaged or has inflammation. Measuring cholesterol does not determined whether your arteries are clogged or not. For that you need a separate test that is not expensive.

Younger generation having clogged arteries

Depends upon genetic make up, some people has more tendency to clog the arteries than others. Environmental factors play a big role in it. As we age our arteries start hardening and clogging. The reason for clogging arteries for younger generation is different than elders.

Main reasons for heart diseases and heart attack

Abnormality in any of the three main categories ultimately increase the risk:

  • Increased inflammation that caused by oxidized LDL cholesterol
  • Increased blood thickness from fibrin and blood clumping
  • Degenerating and weakening of heart muscles at genetic level

Main causes of these problems

Followings are the main causes for all this damage:

Chlorine in the water: The fact is most of the Canadian population is drinking chlorinated water, taking shower and swimming in chlorinated water. Steam of chlorinated water makes matter worst. It is severely damaging your arteries.

Infection: Major source of inflammation is infection. It can be food, air or water born infection or can be infection of teeth and gums.

Toxins: Insecticides, pesticides, mercury, and other heavy metals play big role for heart muscle toxicity and damage.

Homogenized milk: It is not the fat in the milk that is the problem but homogenization process is the major problem. Homogenization process in the milk makes the arteries damaged and build acid in our body. It does not matter whether it is 2% , 1% or skim. If the milk is homogenized and is not raw (direct from the cow), it is harmful.

Trans fats and hydrogenated oils: All of these scar and damage arteries. Fried food and margarine are good examples.

Changes at Genetic level

All these factors cause heart diseases and make your immune system hypersensitive. This can lead to other autoimmune diseases that are equally fatal. Your specific genes turn on that makes heart muscle cells weak and sensitive metabolic function. Genetically linked diseases of cardiac ion channels are responsible for deaths.

Early information and early intervention

The most important point I would like to make here is you should look into the main cause of your heart problems. What is exactly happening inside and at what level. Early information and early intervention is the key. Reverse back of heart diseases

The good news is all these diseases are reversible. You need not go for bypass surgery, and taking medicines for the rest of your life. There are inexpensive tests available that can determined your present status and also clear the clogged arteries.

Help from Advanced Genomics

Advanced Genomics can help to let you know whether your arteries are clogged or not. If yes, how much they are clogged. You will specifically 15 or 20 years in advance whether you are on the path of blocked or damaged arteries, inflamed arteries or with weak heart muscles.

Advanced Genomics is a preventive healthcare company, using 21st century next generation technologies like microarrays, gene testing, epigenomics to find out the root cause of chronic diseases, information about the diseases you are likely to be affected in future, and health risk of diseases that runs in your family. They perform specific tests to let you know your specific reason and condition of heart disease.

Advanced Genomics is using 360 degree approach to designed unique personalized prevention programs that can reverse back these chronic diseases. The good news is all these prevention programs are inexpensive and affordable.

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