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Tips for keeping your grocery bill in check.

If there’s an easy way to blow your household budget, it’s the grocery bill. Because eating is a necessity, it’s easy to overlook it in terms of money management. Here are some tips to help you manage your grocery expenses:

  • Plan and plan some more: create a meal plan that identifies every meal you’ll make that week and stick to it when grocery shopping. If you want to indulge in a more sophisticated dish with expensive ingredients one day, try and balance it out with a more affordable meal on other days.
  • Curb the impulse buy: try and stick to your meal plan and only buy what you need. Another effective tactic is to shop only one day a week or even try shopping online to avoid those impulse buys in store.
  • Shop local produce stands and farmers’ markets: these stands often have lower prices as they’re direct from the farmer. You might even find locally-grown specialty produce that you can’t find in the grocery store.


Eating is undeniably one of life’s pleasures, but that creates a lot of opportunities for overspending. The key is to plan and balance your meals and budget so that you can maximize your dollars while satisfying your inner foodie.