Couples may be leaving their wedding rings under-insured, expert says

LANGLEY, B.C. – As April showers turn into May flowers, brides and grooms across the Lower Mainland are anticipating their wedding day and putting the finishing touches on their plans.

Those planning a wedding this season need to consider more than just their big day. They need to ensure the symbol of their love—their wedding rings—are protected.

According to Shelina Dewshi, insurance manager at Envision Insurance, a division of First West Insurance Services Ltd., many individuals don’t think to review their homeowners’ insurance policy after they’ve become engaged or begin planning a wedding—what does home insurance have to do with it?

“It’s important you look beyond the sentimental value of your engagement and wedding rings and understand the significance of their financial worth as well,” says Dewshi.

“Most homeowners’ policies have a limit for jewellery ranging from $6,000 to $10,000,” explains Dewshi. “People don’t realize this is a combined limit that includes all the jewellery in your home, such items as watches, earrings and necklaces—not just your engagement and wedding rings.”

Dewshi recommends all homeowners visit their local insurance office to understand what limits are in place for jewellery. If the addition of your engagement and/or wedding rings exceed your limit, you can add a rider to your policy specific to the value of your ring. On average, the premium per year is $1.50 for each one-hundred you’re insuring.

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