7 Trendsetting Tips For This Spring/Summer

The color palette of 2022 is soft, with an undertone of violet and a new shade added to the palate. This shade is called 'Very Peri,' it has been announced as the Pantone color of the year! Do you know what's nice about this color?


The color palette of 2022 is soft, with an undertone of violet and a new shade added to the palate. This shade is called ‘Very Peri,’ it has been announced as the Pantone color of the year! Do you know what’s nice about this color?

There is no better way to look your most attractive than with a color that brightens your mood, such as this happy color. So with a touch of blue, we believe you will experience a bright spring with the sky in your arms.

Here are 7 trendsetting tips for Spring-Summer that would turn heads while cost-effective. The pandemic has created a gap in the fashion industry which is now filled with ‘Comfort and Care Quotient.’ So, let’s not waste any more time and put our most delicate foot forward with some easy-to-adopt trends.

  1. Pop of Color

Gone are the days when colors were not taken seriously. Times had changed when everyone made a face when they saw a team member walk into a conference in a pink suit. Today’s colors communicate a lot about your personality and how confident and relaxed you are. Experimenting with colors is the new trend. Leave the usual black and blue trousers for a bit. Colors like pistachio green, beige, peach, mustard, olive green, sky blue are suitable for brunches and could prove to be the perfect fit for afternoon meets, keeping it semi-casual yet trendy.

  1. Tuck it up

Get the most flattering tuxedos to accentuate your body type this party season. So the next time you have a family wedding, a bachelor’s party, or even a red carpet event, you could attend this event glammed up. Mix

colors, get yourself a bow tie matching your wife’s dress. So, if she wears a pink saree or a dress, you know the color to pick. Ensure your pocket square matches your bowtie. The good part is you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy a complete tuxedo. You could easily rent one different one for every occasion. Use a Kamar bandh or a Kamar Patta/bandh if you are substantial in size, and an option also lies in replacing that with a waistcoat.

  1. Denim on Denim 

Denim on denim has been the talk of the town since 2021, and this year it will fly high but subtly. Across the board, designers are making them look more subtle yet sharp and modified. Keeping the whole look clean

makes it more playful and approachable to everyone. One can go with simple shades of blue to achieve the whole look and belt it up with neutral shades that can go all out and about with ripped types of denim. The key is to never go with similar shades. The shirt/top can be lighter, and denim can be a darker shade or vice versa.

  1. Pleated skirt 

A pleated skirt will give you a more grown-up look than last year. The famous school cuts return to fashion, resulting in more fashion statements than last year. This style divinely oozes femininity and makes it more elegant. Pairing your pleats with a lightweight shirt or sweater to keep the whole look warm. Pairing it with sneakers, boots, or shoes will never be wrong. The significant part about the whole look is that it can work for everyone. It is comfortable, stylish, and elegant. One can also top them up with a denim or leather jacket and sneaker for rockstar status.

  1. Statement Cut-outs

If it is strategically placed along the waist of a blazer or on the arms of the bodysuit, the entire outfit stands out with the cut-outs. It does not require much accessorizing. Create a stylish and trendy look that matches the individual’s style, depending on what you want to showcase. This style highlights your sexy side. To tone things down, one can pair it with more concealing pieces. The look can be pulled off with boots or baggy low-rise pants with a cut-out top.

  1. Monochromatic & Co-ordinates

Monochromatic looks can never go out of fashion since celebrities wear them on red carpets all the time. Fashionistas are pulling off coordinating sets at all events and occasions, and they’re the new trendsetters. You can never go wrong with coordinated sets like trousers and a blazer or a skirt and top accessorized with heels or even a sneaker.

  1. Mesh

Mesh is forecasted to be another big trend for 2022 summer/spring. It is cute, trendy, comfy, and celebrity-approved. When dressing for a trendsetting look, layers are a must, and these are net patches on dresses or apparel laced with exquisite thread work or sequences.

So, this summer, put your brightest foot forward with your favorite colors and keep your mask on at all times. Getting a matching mask is a key to keeping up with regulatory requirements and fashion standards.