Formal Styling Tips for a Bespoke Man

Have you ever noticed a pilot getting off an Aircraft? Or a chef coming to your table to ask you about your experience? They tend to catch attention and not to forget a uniform makes anyone look stylish and elegant. A Bespoke experience is very similar to this.

By Pooja Valeja

Have you ever noticed a pilot getting off an Aircraft? Or a chef coming to your table to ask you about your experience? They tend to catch attention and not to forget a uniform makes anyone look stylish and elegant. A Bespoke experience is very similar to this. The styling, the cuts, the silhouettes, and the sizing make you look just perfect for a gala evening or a formal sit-down dinner and from swaying a red carpet look to a wedding celebration. So, here are fantastic tips for the young, trendy, and stylish man of today who likes to dress in wraps and look nothing less than a Greek God:



Your suit or tuxedo should look your size, not your father or grandfather. Sizing plays a crucial role in the way you look since it helps to accentuate your body type and makes your posture come across just as it is. These days one has an option of getting side cuts and slim fits. If someone is heavy on the waist, one must ensure the stitches are close but not too tight to button open your suit while you sit or bend. In fact, a great way to check your Blazer size is by lifting your hands upwards. If the coat completely lifts itself up, you definitely need a size bigger. Also, hold it for all those young guys who like to slim-fit their suits to make them way too fitted! Let Gracefulness drip from your look and not your zero-size figure.


The colors of your suit depend upon the event and your personality. While evening events demand you to wear darker shades, it is definitely advisable to wear light pastels jackets during the day unless the events are indoors and demand a dress code. Sit-down dinners could be walked in with a single-button suit, while formal events could be adorned with two or three-button blazers. Colors like sky Blue, Beige, Maroon, Lilac could be great options for daywear events, especially if they are outdoors. Jackets in the same color or formal shirts paired with ankle-length light color trousers will be perfect with the sun gazing. Shades of Black, Grey, Navy blue with self-prints could be options for nights and dinners.

Ties, Bow Ties, Qamar-patta:

Bow-ties could be great for receptions and cocktails if you plan a look for your best friend’s wedding. You could still opt for keeping it a little casual with no ties at informal events. Qamar Pattas are great for formal events, primarily if attended by society or bureaucrats. You could pull off a suit if you match your tie well. These days, there are loads of options like stripes, checks, self-prints, and funky ones with objects like Aircraft, sports gear, cartoon characters, and other designs. Don’t forget to use a Tie Pin


Shoes play an important role in speaking a lot about your personality. From the kind of shoes, one can speak a lot about himself. Colors like orange, red, burgundy, yellow, shocking blue showcase a vibrant side of a person, while colors like brown, tan, chocolate brown speak a lot about his nature and fondness. The first rule of picking your shoes is to buy comfortable shoes. Please check your shoes to see if there is any foul smell. Avoid wearing shoes that are very tight and stiff if you have a dancing event or some event that involves a lot of activity or standing. Look at comfort and style together. Remember, one could look highly stylish, but your discomfort could ruin it all for you, so being comfortable in your shoes is one of the most ideal things. Also, do not try mix-matching just to look out-of-the-box or different in a crowd. Wear something that suits you and accentuates your personality. Let your colors define you as an individual and your personality traits. Loafers could be paired with semi-formal dressing for celebrations, while formal suede ones could be great for evening dinners and cocktails with extremely formal suits.


What is your preference, Stripes of Prints? Vertical or horizontal? Self-printed fabrics or tailor-made? There are so many options one could pick from these days, so making an excuse for men not having many options is definitely not what it is today. If you wish to look tall and amplify your height, go for vertical stripes. Make sure your stripes do not go straight from the top of the blazer to the end of your suit. Let those be self-printed fabrics. If you want to look well, go for horizontal stripes with your casual jackets. Try more with one button and wear a single color shirt inside. Self-printed fabrics with shine are great options for celebrations like weddings, cocktail dinners with friends, and festival galas.


At most events, there is a high tendency of pulling off your jacket after hours of sitting or maybe to shake a leg or to have dinner with friends after a formal meeting, so putting on the right kind of shirt is essential. If you are wearing a striped or a selfie printed jacket/blazer, go in for a single-colored shirt inside and keep it vice versa. Beachy Weddings and informal celebrations could be adorned with lighter color suits with printed shirts inside. Depending on the event, these could be simple prints of coconut trees, fruits, or something funky. Semi-formal events demand shades of whites and greys with hues of peach and mustard.