Look HOTTIE at Forty 

Aging is a natural process, and it has its own phases. The best way is to accept aging and build up a strong mind and body to go through it gracefully. 


 Do you remember the time when you were in your early twenties?

Even 30 would sound like a significant number, but 40 is like an emotional kick for many women. While some take it the ‘Easy Breezy’ way, some really face sentimental dips and anxiety. These are the self-conscious ones that worry about their societal image and social status. Visiting a dermatologist or cosmetologist is their only way to look charming, and there is nothing apart from Botox that could save them from any comments.

But that’s not the truth. It’s all in mind. Many times we tend to worry about things that don’t matter to anyone. In fact, some of the battles we fight in our heads for hours are thoughts that do not even come to the other’s mind. Aging is a natural process, and it has its own phases. The best way is to accept aging and build up a strong mind and body to go through it gracefully.

Here are 10 tips for women turning 40 or have already turned 40 or are in the mid-40s. These can make heads turn –

Where your Confidence:

It’s natural to have weight gain issues or pigmentation, or even greying of hair. The first thing that every woman should do is love herself and accept herself the way she is. The journey begins from there. Once you have identified, what you need to change in yourself, the steps begin towards a new you. But do not get disheartened listening to anyone’s comments, may it be your son or your daughter or even your neighbor. Walk with a stride like you are walking e runway and wear your confidence like thick skin.

Shapewear / Corsets/ Bodysuits:

These are simple ways of making your body look in shape and tucking all of those extra bulges. Today, there are several tummy Tuckers and zippers available. Choose what is comfortable for you to breathe in. Also, ensure you wear these only when you are stepping out of your house for an event that requires you to wear body-hugging dresses or a body con. Wearing this all the time to get yourself in shape is not an ideal way of weight loss. While you continue wearing these, ensure that you are regularly eating healthy food and vegetables and not missing your walks every day.

Heels, no Heels:

It looks trendy and very chic when you put on your best of stilettos or peep toes but as you age or bones get weaker and putting so much pressure on the foot is not advisable regularly. Choosing to wear platform heels or block heels are excellent options and alternatives that make your posture erect, define your height and give the entire apparel a formal look. So yes, you can leave the flats for a while.

Pants/ Trousers/ Jeans: 

If you have an apple shape figure, you should wear mid-waist jeans, and if you have a curvaceous figure high waist would accentuate your body type. To ensure that if you have some fats around your waist, it’s a big no-no for highways jeans. Also, corduroy pants during winters and cotton pants during summers are great alternatives to maintain more comfort. Also, if you are a woman who is always running and on the go, select stretchable fabrics that make you feel comfortable and allow you to bend and stretch all the time.


As we grow older, our hair tends to fall, and usually, bald patches are visible when we try to make a parting. You can either use hair fillers, or even a simple kajal at your home could do some magic. Use a casual pencil and color the empty patches gently. Take An eyeshadow brush and rub it to avoid it from looking patchy. Also, while some like to keep it grey, there is no reason why one should not color it.

Style statement:

Be different, be yourself. Create your own style statement. Wear the colors that attract you. Do not go entirely by what you think people around you would like to see you in. Where you feel comfortable. Realize what your body is saying to you. It communicates with you all the time. Sometimes it asks you to wear a scorching dress, and at other times, it asks you to wear loose dresses that do not touch your skin. At all times, don’t forget that it’s your personality. You are unique in your own way and let that shine.

Accessorise right:

You create your own persona. Define your own self with pieces that define your personality and character. While some prefer shells and rough crystals (stones), many others prefer sterling silver and gold jewelry. Bracelets can grab a lot of attention and make you look trendy. Unique-shaped rings can highlight your fingers and also create great conversational topics. Beads, crystals, and pearls could out of the blue make a simple dress look extremely formal and beautiful.