Vancouver Kids Fashion Modelling Rapidly Growing in Popularity

Kid models lighting up the runway at Vancouver Baby & Family Fair October 27 & 28 at Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre

Vancouver, BC: The Vancouver fashion scene has long since been recognized on the national stage for its distinctive look and West Coast Vogue appeal but the models burning up those runways are not just adults.

More and more of Vancouver’s infants, toddlers, tweens and teens are perfecting their walks and showcasing fashion that embodies the energy kids naturally bring to the stage.

“We have kids as young as four-years-old, “says Vancouver-based Indigo Education’s artistic director Joseph Spitale.  “They tend to have a characteristically dynamic presence on stage that enhances the whole fashion show experience.”

Spitale and his modelling agency team, who helped launch Vancouver Kids Fashion Week and have produced kid fashion shows at local area fashion malls like Oakridge Shopping Centre and Lansdowne Mall, were invited to bring their kid-focused flair to the Vancouver Baby & Family Fair – an annual consumer show happening October 27 and 28 that typically attracts parents wanting the best of everything for their children, says producer Virginia Ritchie.

“We instinctively knew the show would be a great addition to our event as it’s a natural fit to the Show’s whole theme which is about kids finding ways to express themselves,” explains Ritchie. “We also love the fact it will be a show like no other with local designs being featured, a stage with kid-themed sets, and the message delivered throughout on how to incorporate fashion into your child’s wardrobe, including designer labels, even when you are on a budget.”

Unlike the adult model world, kid models typically do not need to be a certain height, weight or have a particular look to become a fashion model.

“When we do auditions, we have zero requirements for height or weight or anything like that. Haircut, style, looks – those things absolutely do not matter,” says Spitale.

When it comes to finding the “it” factor at fashion auditions, Spitale, a cruise line emcee and local performer who has been on the Broadway stage more than once,  says he is looking for determination above all else.

“It’s all about their confidence – 100 per cent confidence,” he says. “We really don’t want to impose anything on them that doesn’t feel natural or they don’t feel confident about.”

Kid fashion models also don’t typically wear any make up or hair products that do anything other than enhance their natural appearance.

“And at our show,” adds Ritchie, “we will have all natural hair and make-up products for the models!”

But just like the adult model world, youth models take their roles seriously and subscribe to training regiments, fitting sessions and, in some cases, speaking on stage.

“During Vancouver’s Kids Fashion Week, for example, we train kids how to emcee events,” explains Spitale.

The Vancouver Baby and Family Fair fashion show will happen twice daily at different times on each day. See the fair’s entire schedule for more details:

Vancouver Baby & Family Fair

WHEN: Saturday October 27 and Sunday October 28 2018

WHERE: Vancouver Convention Centre East Facility Hall A

SCHEDULE: 10 am – 6 pm and 10 am – 5 pm