Fashion Rules And When It Doesn’t, Just have fun!

If you take pride in your appearance you will feel better about yourself  : By Renu

model1The world needs rules, right? They can make the world go round. Can you imagine if there was no infield fly rule except in Yankee Stadium? Or if stop signs were green trapezoids in Pennsylvania? Welcome to the rules of fashion. If it sounds like anarchy, then you have cracked the case wide open.

The rules of fashion actually vary from city to city and change from year to year. So what’s a Stylista do? The good news is that there are very few rules anymore. Always remember: if it fits you well, makes you feel great, and there isn’t a voice in your head questioning its appropriateness, then you probably got it right.

The following are six fashion myths debunked so that you won’t ever have to wonder about ’getting it right’ again.

Myth # 1: You can’t wear black with brown
I am surprised how many times I have been asked about wearing black and brown together. Visualize a dark chocolate truffle. What is more appealing than that? Black and brown are a great combo and brown is a terrific way to shake up an all-black ensemble. The one thing you wouldn’t want to do is wear brown shoes with an all-black outfit or you’ll look like you grabbed your shoes in the dark.

Black and blue also takes a hit. It’s no felony to wear these two colors together. Blue and brown make a great pair as well. If you do these color combinations, make sure there is enough contrast between the colors so it looks like you put these items together deliberately. For example, in most cases a navy blue and milky chocolate color will look better together than a navy blue and a dark chocolate color (because there is no contrast).

Myth # 2: You can’t wear white after Labor Day
The next party puzzler is when we can wear white. Who among us hasn’t heard the old adage: “You shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day”? To this, I say: be fearless and wear many of the shades of white, cream, ecru, mother-of-pearl and off white through to Thanksgiving if it suits you! It can actually be quite a stunning look when worn from head to toe, or paired with an accent piece like a scarf or furry vest. (Style tip: to make the head to toe, monochromatic look more interesting, you can mix up the textures by incorporating things like leather, nubby knits or chenille).

Myth # 3: Don’t wear suede or leather in summer
bag-shoesHow silly. Like the Romans, where would we be without leather sandals? Granted, they put more mileage on theirs and we put more designer names in ours, but they are necessary nonetheless. Items like a cute leather vest can be a great addition to a pair of denim shorts and a tee shirt. You may want to give you bomber jacked a seasonal time-out, but not all your leather needs to take a summer hiatus.

Myth # 4: Your shoes and bag must match.
There is nothing as dull as “matchy-matchy” shoes, belts and bags. They shouldn’t be all over the map, but they don’t have to look like they all came from the exact same material. Mixing it up a little is just fine.

Myth # 5: Don’t wear red (or pink) if you’re a redhead
Even if I wasn’t a redhead I would have to say this is just wrong. Can’t blue-eyed people wear blue and brunettes wear brown? As a card carrying blue-eyed redhead, I am here to proclaim that the fashion police will not issue us any sort of citation if we are caught wearing red.

If you are a redhead, playing it up by wearing cobalt or chartreuse can be fun! You should not be forbidden to wear any color just because you hair happens to be red. Whatever the color, if it flatters you and makes you feel fabulous, wear it.

model2Myth # 6: You must wear pantyhose.
This has been debated ‘round the blogosphere’ for years. This is one of those questions where I truly feel that you should do what makes you feel comfortable. If you work at a place that is very conservative and wearing hose is the absolute norm, then you should probably invest. If you must go sans hose and your legs are the color of cream cheese, then I recommend self-tanning cream. If it’s cold out and you don’t like either option-just wear pants. And this one is for all the baubles: Can you wear hose with open toes? Yes, just tuck the seam under.

All in all…
If you take pride in your appearance you will feel better about yourself. People will respond positively and appreciate your effort you put inn, whether you are going to work, dinner, making a presentation, or whatever the occasion. Like most things in life, you get back what you put in.

If  it seems appropriate for the circumstance and makes you feel powerful and comfortable, chances are you will be just fine. As far as following the ‘rules’ go, if Madonna could get some of us to wear our underwear on the outside of our tops in the 1980’s, no one is going to fault us now for taking a few liberties with the month we retire our whites or the color of our belt and shoes.

There are so many rules we must follow in life, at least fashion should be fun!