Greetings from the west cost of beautiful British Columbia.  Canada

Friends and Colleagues

These are very difficult times and I want to congratulate GAPIO for bringing global community of Physician of Indian origin to share ideas and  more importantly plan and work to lower the burden of this attack by an invisible enemy.

My very short remarks are to look beyond current acute crisis, it will PASS and we will have another one

Tsunami of chronic diseases is not too Far.

We should also plan long term sustainable solutions to these problems.

“we must  prepare for long term fight against invisible enemies like COVID 19 , by influencing ones immunological age(capacity). Science of yogic principles which emphasize healthy nutrition, destrees, physiological exercise (Aasans) and breathing (Pranayama) as part of Integrative Medicine ( Best of East and Best of west) should be incorporated  in our tool kit. as we go forward. Specific drugs, vaccination and other interventions should work in tandem with lifestyle interventions for sustainable solutions. “

I thank GAPIO and in particular Drs Sibal and Tandon for their leadership and coordination for this inititive.

Be healthy and Be safe.

Arun K Garg PhD.MD FRCPC