What is TED?

By Gary Drouillard TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization representing a global community of people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper…


Just as you schedule your work diary to organize your workload or meetings, you could find time to exercise. Treat exercise with the same priority as a virtual meeting or call with a client. Blocking out time away from your desk would result in you more likely doing it at different suitable times in the day.


The navel depicts the origin of life, linking mother and child before birth and providing a tube for nutrients to flow between their bodies. Navel is believed to be the energy center, one that if taken care of, can bring balance, nourishment and peace to our mind and body.


As society encourages women to be smart, successful, healthy, etc —it only portrays the masculine approach to achievement of these cultural ideals. Sky high career goals, maintain a regular fitness regimen, aim to CRUSH each day, be structured, be logical, not emotional.

Anxiety and stress can make you age faster

Are you an overthinker?

Does anticipation make your stomach wobble?

Do you worry about every small thing?

Have you ever felt giddy or had a stomach ache or nausea when you went overboard worrying about something that’s not within your control?

Floating Shelves: Perfect for Kitchens

“Installing the shelves was pretty straight forward. There was a wooden mounting bar that I secured to the studs in the wall. Once the mounting bar was installed I attached the shelves to it. The shelves themselves are hollow boxes and the top of the box is what attaches to the mounting bar. I drilled pilot holes into the tops of the shelves because the wood is so hard. That made it easier to hammer the nails into place.”