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Jagmeet Singh will make housing more affordable for families

“Every day, I hear from young people and their parents who worry they will never be able to afford to own a decent home,” said Jagmeet. “They can barely afford to pay rent, let alone compete against big money investors in the housing market. Justin Trudeau will keep protecting the interests of the ultra-rich, but I’m ready to make the dream of owning a home a reality for Canadian families.”

Jagmeet Singh’s plan supports Canadian jobs and businesses

While visiting the first Canadian business to manufacture N95 masks today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced his commitment to stop Justin Trudeau’s massive no-strings attached giveaways to multinational corporations. Instead, Jagmeet would invest in small and community businesses committed to building our country.

Hospital Reform Would Improve Care for Canadian Patients

The pandemic has shone a bright light on Canadian hospitals, which—unfortunately for patients and taxpayers—receive funding in an outdated manner. In the coming months, our hospitals will begin to see patients whose care was delayed during the pandemic, yet they have little incentive to provide care efficiently or even care for as many patients as possible.

Covid 19 and the Effect on Canadian Commodity Prices.

Commodity prices have risen to record levels over the past year as the Global Pandemic took hold. Disruptions and events like the Suez Canal ship blockage and the Texas power outage have magnified the global supply chain problems leading to commodity shortages worldwide. The result is an increase in most commodities that are trickling down to Canadian families and consumers. 

New public transit investment to create jobs, grow the economy, and build back stronger communities in British Columbia

Investing in public transit infrastructure strengthens communities, reduces commute times for Canadians, helps connect people to affordable housing, and helps fight climate change. That is why the Government of Canada is making smart investments in public transit that will create and support good middle class jobs, and help us build back for a cleaner, better future.