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MLA Raj Chouhan on worker safety rights – Making sure you are safe at work

Ensuring the safety of workers was one of the reasons I first became politically active, and it will always be an issue I care about. For decades, farmworkers were left out of any legislated labour protections. Unfortunately it was common for workers to be severely injured or even killed as a result of unsafe working conditions.  That’s why I started advocating for farmworkers’ rights and protections.


At a fuel station in Metro Vancouver in late April, drivers paid a record $1.78 per litre for gasoline- the highest price ever recorded in British Columbia, and the highest fuel price in North America. And there is no relief in sight it seems from the ever-spiraling cost of fuel.

Canada’s 2019 Economic outlook: Challenges, concerns and modest growth

For 2019 and beyond, Canada has several concerns and challenges regarding its economic outlook. The Bank of Canada points to some markers and several areas of uncertainty — the persistence of the crude oil -price drops, the extent of its impact on non-oil-producing regions, how household spending adjusts to previous interest-rate hikes, tighter mortgage rules, and global trade developments such as the U.S.-China conflict.