Shilpa Shetty Kundra : Revving Up The Style

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Revving Up The Style

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, a versatile actor-entrepreneur- yoga expert and TV show judge! The beautiful diva is best described as a fitness aficionado, complete clotheshorse, a melange of trendy and classy and a down-to-earth star. In conversation with Kavita Shyam, Shilpa spills her well-kept secrets and spreads her bright aura.

At 41, she personifies all things class and sophistication. With an incredibly well-kept frame and impeccable dress sense, no fitness or fashion page is complete without the quintessential poster girl- Shilpa Shetty Kundra. With an astonishing metamorphosis from the time she began her career in the 90’s, today the svelte Shilpa looks nothing short of a dream! From movies to the Big Boss win she became an inspiration on the global platform, marriage to Billionaire Raj Kundra to motherhood, today Shilpa apparently seems to be in a happy and self-assured space. Not to forget the lovely Shilpa has also been a frontrunner in yoga techniques, and taught many young moms the useful ways to shed post-pregnancy weight, herself looking a million bucks. The graceful actress is in the spring of life; she is a picture of congeniality and it shows quite clearly! Currently, the actress is judging a dance reality show called Super Dancer which has Shilpa, the excellent dancer herself in all her elements!

Three things I always have in my bag: mobile/credit card /sanitizer.

My ideal outfit for comfort is essential no matter what. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ll look good.

  •    A fun party – saree or dress
  • A formal work setting – a Classy white shirt and trousers…a pant suit
  • A casual day out with friends –denim jeans and tee
  • A hot date with hubby–I’d go with a shift dress or skinny jeans, a silk camisole, blazer, and heels
  • My fashion mantra is: Be comfortable, be unique and dress for your body type.
  • Beauty regime at home? Am I a spa person: I swear by besan face pack and coconut oil, these are as good as it gets. I do enjoy massages it’s the best way to unwind at a spa.
  • Favorite shopping destination, favorite designer, favorite brand: I love London, it’s my favorite shopping haunt. I love brands like LV, Hermes, Herve Leger and Dior. My favorite designers are Manish Malhotra and Donna Karen.
  • Essential pairs of shoes every woman must possess: Has to be a pair of heels, basic ballet flats, sneakers, flip flops, and boots.
  • My favorite style trick: The right pair of shoes and accessories can spruce up any outfit.
  • A valuable beauty hack that you use: Hair oil beats fancy beauty hair treatments ingredients at home beat the best beauty buys.
  • Holiday destination – London
  • Fitness regime: I swear by Yoga, which to me, is a way of life.
  • Work scene/projects now and in the pipeline: Judging a Dance reality show and some other exciting business ventures in the pipeline.
  • Motherhood to me is: Has it changed me or my life: I have a son who is four years old and my experience as a mother has changed my outlook towards children. I’m a part-time working professional and a full-time mother to Viaan.
  • Secrets to balancing marriage, work, kid, home, career are: Prioritise and never compromise on your passion as women we are excellent multi-taskers.
  • Women dancers are moving forward in today’s day and age as opposed to earlier: Yes, I do think so! There was a time it was never taken seriously, but the scenario has changed now for the better. Women and female dancers are getting their due, and their talent is being credited.
  • Dance show experience as a judge, what do I like about dancing and what skills should a good dancer possess: I have always loved dancing, it was a passion and something I professionally trained in. A good dancer should be disciplined, open to learning, move with grace and hold an audience!
  • Holiday destination you are raring to go: I love London I visit it once a year, but I am waiting to go to Africa on a jungle safari with my son.
  • My most favorite- acting, dancing, fashion shows, ads-modelling- brand endorsement or TV shows or simply being an entrepreneur: My love for dancing and acting will never die, that being said I am enjoying my phase as a businesswoman. It’s an all-new facet and helping me discover so much.
  • Love being an entrepreneur, a businesswoman in a male-dominated industry: It is truly empowering, and I am personally excited with the kind of developments happening on that front.
  • Women empowerment and gender equality are: Having a voice, being financially independent and pursuing your dreams.
  • Causes I like to champion for: I’m associated with causes for underprivileged children, that has always been something very close to my heart because our kids are the future.
  • Bollywood today and two decades ago when I joined: Evolved and how! Bollywood is empowering women and films that are bringing about a positive change to society and not just entertaining.