All For The Love Of Spring!

It goes without saying that spring is the most romantic time of the year. Most of us want to go out in that little extra effort to make it special, whether you’re planning a getaway, picnic or date nights with your partner, Beau, BFF or family. The easiest way to upgrade your look would be to try a fresh makeup and hairstyle which will have you looking splendid in no time. Here are a few cute nuances for you to try this spring break.

Our quick suggestions:

Taking good care of your skin is the first step towards successfully creating any desired makeup look. The key to makeup is flawless dewy skin, so be sure to keep the skin hydrated. You want to achieve a natural, glowing, touchable look and to do that; it pays to focus on the skin.

  1. For a super-fresh skin, base applies foundation or tinted moisturizer in extra-fine layers to ensure things never get cakey. If you have had a proper cleansing and exfoliating routine, makeup will go on smoothly, and you’ll need less for a perfect result. Apply very lightly with one brush and then buff the foundation in with a clean buffing brush. This technique removes any excess and ensures a flawless result.
  2. For an uber fresh and naturally unified look simply match the eyes and cheeks with similar shades. Try soft peachy blush swirled high over the cheekbones, and use the blush as your transition shade in the socket. Then add a soft gold or champagne shade over the lid for an ultra soft look, with swipes of mascara for evening glam and pretty fluttery eyes.
  3. Slick on a heavy duty lip balm on dry skin of the lips. Leave the lips until last and before you apply any color, take a wipe and gently buff away any flaky bits. Pick a pinkish nude lip pencil to line and define and then fill in with a matching lip shade in soft matte or a soft sheen will be the easy on the eyes and for the night.
  4. For a soft and glowing look, the cream highlighter is the ideal finishing touch. Take some on your finger and then warm it up on the back of your hand. Gently press it onto the cheeks for that oh-so-natural radiance. If your skin is well cared for and exfoliated, it will melt in like a dream. People call it strobing; we call it the ‘born with it’ vibe! Don’t forget to press a tiny amount of the cream into the center of your finished lip for extra volume and kissability!

Expert Advice

This spring, aim for revealing your love with a soft and pinkish look that is sure to steal not just glances but hearts too.  Wondering how to go about it? Cosmetologist & Aesthetician Bharti Taneja solves all your makeup dilemmas below.

BASE: Start playing with your look with a gel-based primer for the longer lasting effect of your makeup. Now, continue with applying a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin texture. Conceal with a quality concealer, if you have under-eye dark circles, acne spots or other scars. Then, apply a baby pink shade of cream blush over the apple of your cheeks. Powder the face well with a matching compact and be ready to charm your beloved.

EYES: This unique yet desirable eye makeup happens to be the USP of this look. Start by applying an eye primer. This ensures a better spread and deeper intensity of the eyeshadow colors applied.  Now, apply a bubblegum pink eyeshadow on the inner eyelid and follow up with using a fuchsia hue on the outer edge. Now, pick an emerald green shade of liner and apply it to winged style to flaunt this superbly different look with high confidence.

LIPS: To adorn your pout, slather a rosy pink shade after using a quality lip plumper to make them pouty in a go. But before applying the color, make sure to line the lips with a similar shade lip outliner – for defined as well as an attention-grabbing set of lips. You can also use other hues of pinks like; lilac pink, cameo pink, coral pink, rose pink, etc., to make your avatar rosier!

HAIR: Soft curls look incredibly romantic and can catch the attention of your partner effortlessly. Do it by first, applying the serum on washed hair; followed by curling it using tongs. But, if you do not feel very comfortable in loose tresses – you can opt for a messy bun. For this, just apply hair mousse on your entire hair length and scrunch your tresses into a messy one. Now, tie it into a bun and secure it with a rubber band or bob pins. As an added charm, adorn it with a pink rose and infuse more love to the look.

Happy Spring makeover!