Skincare For 30’s

Skincare For 30’s

The thirties can be a turning point for most women. And early 30s can bring about many unanticipated changes, in women from physical changes to the skincare routine. Well, while most women would vouch for their newfound devotion for skincare, however, it doesn’t take much to look your best, no matter what your number. Here’s to bidding adieu to spots, lines, crow’s feet, dull skin or adult acne when you enter your third decade! Apply these skin care tips and look younger after 30. Well, 30 is the new 20 after all! Take notes on simple skin care strategy…

  1. Say hello to gentle cleansers. Girls opt for something mild over medicated at this age to avoid disrupting the skin’s barrier.
  2. Befriend an antioxidant serum. The Korean and Japanese skincare experts swear by it, and so do we! Antioxidants, like vitamin C, help fight free radicals that give way to wrinkles. They can also reduce inflammation, diminish breakout or redness.
  3. Don’t we all love the sunscreen? It prevents fine lines and wrinkles, besides using an SPF of at least 30 daily will keep pimple scars from darkening.
  4. As for the P.M routine, opt to wipe your face with a cleansing cloth to keep pores in the clear. Get the makeup, sweat and dirt off your face to keep the skin pure and radiant.
  5. You can go for an exfoliating treatment, preferably a retinoid product, if you can’t take the sting or one with glycolic acid to address acne while staving off lines.
  6. Sheet masks can be your go-to beauty friend. Take you pick as per your skin type, or purpose from masks which control sebum, provide hydration to pre-party glow ones. And then you even have the sleep masks and travel masks to get you going just at the right place and time! Well, you sure won’t waste time on your beauty regime just before a date, vacay or business meet, thanks to these versatile Korean sheet masks.
  7. Eat and drink healthy. Skip the junkies, rather go skipping, swimming or walking to get the actual glow!


All you need to know for 30’s Skin Care By Divya Mehta, Co-Founder, Epique:

“My friends bought me a bottle of supplements as a gag gift for my birthday. That got me thinking about all the changes my body and skin would be going through in this decade, my 30s.

Seeing everyone around me juggle work, home, children and myriad other pressures made me realize that what the body needed now was different from what it required in our twenties and it was now time to take our skin seriously.

As you enter your thirties and progress through the decade, your hormone levels change and your skin renewal cycle slow down. This could be accompanied by occasional breakouts, your skin feeling dry or tight, the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth or even pigmentation.

Also, at this age skin consultation becomes necessary to know the changes your skin is facing and one should be aware accordingly how to tackle those changes. The most important thing is to find products that meet the needs of your skin as it matures.It’s time to understand your skin better and care for it according to your unique needs. So, get a consult in your city to get a better and comprehensive understanding of your skin.

Some of the things we need to keep in mind are simple and readily achievable. A little can go a long way. Divya recommends the following:

  1. Cleansing, not only the first step but the foundationStart and end your day with using a gel-based cleanser that is gentle yet effective. Cleansing ensures that your skin can breathe properly and clean skin also helps with the efficacy of the products you apply. Without proper absorption, the cream will not be able to benefit your skin, as it should. Clean skin is happy, sensitive skin.
  2. Exfoliate to boost your cell renewal

Twice or thrice a week, exfoliate to get rid of all the surface dead skin cells. This helps with cell turnover and increases circulation. The result: healthy skin that naturally glows.

  1. The one-minute facial

Warm the product in your hands to help it penetrate the skin better. Massage your face in upward motions using the tips of your fingers and stimulate your skin by tapping on it gently. End the massage by wrapping your hands around your face to give an added massage to the dermis. A minute a day will help keep dull skin at bay.

  1. UV Protection is a must

A good sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays with a high SPF is a necessity when protecting your skin from the harsh Indian Summer. It is the one essential step that you must include in your regimen, no matter what age you are. Use it daily whether you step out or not because research has shown that sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation to name a few.

  1. Prep your skin for the night and sleep tight.

7-8 hours of a good night’s sleep helps the body regenerate and repair itself for the next day. Like you, your skin is tired at the end of the day. If you tend to skip your night time routine because it is the last thing you do and are more often than not too tired to go through any fuss, shift it up to early evening when you have more energy. Try not to skip the night routine, as its sole purpose is to nurse and repair your tired skin and is a must post thirty.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Drink plenty of water and keep yourself and your skin well hydrated. Well, hydrated, supple skin ages better. Water is necessary for your entire body so remember to hit the bottle.

Ageing need not be the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about or address. It is a natural part of life, and all we need to do is stay in touch with our bodies and its requirements as we grow and change. Follow some simple steps, and suddenly it isn’t as scary as before.”

Enjoy the skin you are in and stay beautiful.