Make Up Bag Essentials

Festive season is round the corner!

This is that time of the when one can try new looks Make up is an integral part of woman’s life & an essential component of daily

Foundation – It is considered as the base for make-up. Choose the right foundation, according to your skin type, like If you have an oily skin go in for oil-free foundation & for dry skin shop for moisturizing foundation. Kohl pencil – An important part of make up is kohl pencil. It definitely gives you a glamorous evening look i.e the smokey eyes. With the pencil, lash line, both top and bottom and inside of the eye & you will get a perfect look. A right kind of mascara – When picking a mascara, you should consider the formula you want like lengthening, thickening non-clumping. Basically it has to suit your eye-lashes. Skin tone blush on – Find the right shade of your blush according to your skin tone & the best blush color for your cheeks is usually the one closest to your skin tone. A nice lip gloss – It simply enhance your lips & fulfill the overall make up. Also, add some extra gloss to the center of the   mouth to make your lips look fuller.