2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve

“The Phoenix Reborn” - 10 years – this is how long it took Jeep to alter its iconic Grand Cherokee.

“The Phoenix Reborn”

10 years – this is how long it took Jeep to alter its iconic Grand Cherokee. For a good reason, the Grand Cherokee holds an important place in North American culture. The Grand Cherokee is our proverbial Range Rover. In 1993/94, when it debuted, Jeep drove the Grand Cherokee up the stairs at the Javits Center and then through the glass doors (literally through the glass doors, smashing them). It was released with a nearly 8-minute-long commercial that opened with the statement “4.5 Billion Years in the Making.” It included features like a leather interior, genuine wood accents, a sophisticated 4-wheel drive system that automatically adapted to changing driving conditions, and heated side mirrors back in 1994. So to say the Grand Cherokee is a big deal in the Jeep family is an understatement.

The all-new 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve model’s spacious interior features standard 10-inch display screens, including a frameless digital gauge cluster and 10.1-inch Uconnect 5 touchscreen radio, hand-wrapped, quilted Palermo leather and open-pore Waxed Walnut wood accents, all-new LED lighting with ambient features, driver and front passenger seat massage and personalized climate zones.

Thus, it goes without saying the changes that the 2022 Grand Cherokee introduces have to be significant, meaning complete and advanced; and boy, does it deliver. All new from the ground up, the Grand Cherokee offers 144.6 cu. ft. of total interior passenger volume (+4.1 cu. ft. over the previous generation) and 37.7 cu. ft. of cargo space (+1.4 cu. ft.). It is designed on an all-new architecture with independent front and rear suspension. It offers impeccable road manners and a class-exclusive Quadra-Lift air suspension system with semi-active damping. This system gives the Cherokee up to nearly 12 inches of ground clearance and 24 inches of water fording depth. To further improve efficiency and road handling, the Grand Cherokee can disconnect the front axle for the rear-wheel-only drive. The system automatically reengages the axle for better fuel efficiency as demands require it.

Under the hood, the pictured Grand Cherokee is powered by a 5.7-liter V-8 that produces 357 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. The drivetrain gives you a class-leading 7,200 lbs of towing capacity. You can also opt for a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 that produces 293 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Unlike in the Grand Wagoneer, this engine performs adequately. Still, it does not provide the refinement and silk-like operation of the V-8, especially on highway driving. For the first time ever, Jeep is offering the 4xe system. This PHEV hybrid drivetrain combines a 2.0-liter turbo inline 4 with a 400-volt, 17-kWh EV battery. This system offers:

  • Targeting an estimated 25 miles (40 km) of all-electric range and 57 MPGe
  • 375 hp and 470 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Quadra Trac II 4×4 system with two-speed transfer case and 2.72:1 low-range gear ratio 47.4:1 crawl ratio
  • 6,000-lbs (2,720 kg) 4xe max towing capability

The exterior of the Grand Cherokee combines an old-school upright stance with modern lines. The front of the Grand Cherokee feels bold and aggressive but has a softness to it as well. The iconic grill sits high and prominent. Although the design is entirely new, you get this essence of the previous generation that lingers to create continuity in this fifth generation.

The new Grand is chock-full of safety features, including Active Driving Assist, which allows the system to keep the Jeep centered on straight or curved roadways. Adaptive Cruise Control monitors traffic to adjust vehicle speed, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop and start again.

Lastly, the night-vision camera, which utilizes an infrared eye mounted on the front grille, detects pedestrians and animals crossing. It then provides the driver with an audible and visual alter so the driver can react quickly to avoid a collision.

Inside is where the new Grand Cherokee really shines. The Summit Reserve pictured here is adorned with Palermo Leather on almost every surface your hand can reach for, elevating the interior quality of the Grand Cherokee.

Combined with open-pore wood and ebony surfaces and no less than 3 screens all over 10 inches in size (the digital cluster, infotainment screen, and front passenger screen), you are sitting in a very opulent place. The rear passengers get different available two screens for infotainment. A dual-pane power panoramic sunroof adds the cabin’s openness and greenhouse feel.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is Jeep’s most awarded SUV, representing the brand’s flagship. This 5th generation, from every measure I can consider, looks to keep the throne its predecessors have attained. Ringing in at $78,050.00 before taxes and delivery, the Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve almost feels like a bargain. However, what you get for that price point is a legendary vehicle with the class to be truly luxurious. At the same time, a pedigree to take you wherever your road may lead you, even if that road is on the mountaintop.