INFINITI LAB Believes a Smart City Would Improve Quality Of Life

More than half of Canadian millennials believe that a smart city would improve their quality of life.

By-Veeno Dewan

TORONTO, Canada  — More than half of Canadian millennials (59 per cent) believe that a smart city would improve their quality of life, with 33 per cent of Gen Xers and 29 per cent of Baby Boomers agreeing, according to a new survey from INFINITI LAB, a Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) accelerator from premium car brand INFINITI Motor Company Ltd. The survey also found that 42 per cent of all Ontarians believe that smart cities will increase their quality of life — the highest percentage of any province. In particular, Canadians are most excited about the potential of electric vehicles, with 62 per cent of Canadians referring to it as the most exciting auto technology trend of 2018.

INFINITI believes in innovation and entrepreneurship, and today has announced the nine startups that will participate in the second Toronto-based INFINITI LAB accelerator. The startups will join the six-week program beginning June 5 where they’ll undergo targeted training, expert mentorship from industry leaders and access to a network of partners and investors, including Alliance Ventures. Operated by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Alliance Ventures targets technology and business models with a venture fund of up to $1 billion USD.

“Canadian millennials believe in the potential of smart cities, and desire technology such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving and ridesharing that could improve their daily lives,” said Adam Paterson, managing director of INFINITI Canada. “The nine startups we have selected reflect the needs of the participants in our survey – they are forward, innovative and daring. We are committed to sourcing and nurturing up-and-coming companies, and the nine startups in this program have the potential to make our cities smarter.”

Nine startups will complete the INFINITI LAB Toronto program and the top venture will move on to the Hong Kong program.