Future Cars and SUVs to get seriously excited about

From affordable premium Electric Vehicles to off the chart sports car and luxury cars and heritage themed SUVS—the field for auto consumer is becoming   vast and varied like never before. All the major brands are offering a huge range of vehicles in every segment and in every permutation. Here is what we are getting seriously excited about in the coming year and beyond:

2019 Mid-Engine Corvette C8

The idea of a mid-engine Corvette is not new, but is being finally realized as a mid- engine Vette in the 2019 model year.  The final power plant is not decided as yet, but the betting is on a traditional V8 somewhere in the middle of the car. A hybrid or plug-in powertrain may also be an option.

2019 Tesla Model 3

Tesla fans have been eagerly anticipating a more affordable model—the Model 3. In fact, it’s estimated that Tesla has more than 400,000 pre orders for the new sedan. Priced at a tempting $35,000 (US) will have range of over 300 kms between battery charge-ups and accelerate to 60 mph in around six seconds. A cool four -seater, this affordable sedan could be the most successful vehicle Tesla has ever produced.

2018 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover will bring an all-new Defender to North America in 2018. And this uber-cool new Defender borrows some classic styling cues from past models. Best of all the new Defender will share some parts and DNA with the current Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and new Discovery. Land Rover has said it the new Defender will be as capable on and off –road as its famous namesake.

2019 Toyota Supra

A much loves sporting icon for the 1970s until 1998. The new Supra will be a joint Toyota and BMW effort, sharing parts with the upcoming BMW Z5. Power is rumoured to be a choice of either a powerful twin-turbo V6 or a hybrid powertrain. The final look of the car will be influenced by the FT-1 Concept car.

2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan

Big, luxurious SUVs from the super-premium luxury car makers are a growing sector and now Rolls Royce is in the fray with its 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan power is rumoured to be a large displacement V12 engine and the ultimate in as standard luxury and customization.  Only for the very wealthy. Pricing will be stratospheric, but the quality and essence will be well worth it’s…

All the major brands are offering a huge range of vehicles in every segment and in every permutation.

2019 Chevy Silverado

GMS new Silverado will. Like arch rival Ford have some body panels formed from stamped aluminum but the beds will remain steel. As well as traditional big V8 power GM will also offer more economical small-displacement engines and turbo-charging. There will also be a new 10-speed automatic GM has developed with Ford—for faster and more efficient acceleration. .

2019 Jaguar I-Pace

In a huge technology leap, Jaguar   upcoming i-Pace SUV could BE a full electric vehicle.  The I-Pace   will use an all-new electric vehicle architecture with a large capacity 90 kWh battery which Jaguar says is capable of  delivering more than 300 kms on a full charge—and hit 60 mph in around 4 seconds

2019 Porsche Mission E

Porsche has embraced electric technology once again and its all-electric spirts car model based on the 2015 Mission E concept will soon reach production.

The production version of the Mission E   will produce around 600 hp and have a range of 300 miles. The company says the car’s 800-volt charger will be able to charge the lithium ion batteries within the car’s floor to 80 percent capacity in just 15 minutes.


2019 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Concept.

Now 20 years after its demise, Ford has announced the classic SUV will return for the 2020 model year.  The new Bronco will join the Ford Ranger pickup as a pair of midsize vehicles sharing the same chassis, and that means a turbocharged four-cylinder or small turbo V6 engine is likely to be under the hood instead of a classic V8. Ford insists that the Bronco will have real 4WD capability and some very mild retro cues.