2018 World and Canadian Automotive News Congress aims to focus on the future

The first Automotive News Canada Congress was held in 2017 in conjunction with the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto and provided an insightful look at the issues the auto industry faced. With growing globalization, changes in technology, the new U.S. administrations approach to trade and the auto sector, the 2018 Automotive News Canada Congress in Toronto in February will examine the challenges Canada’s Auto industry faces. With the rise in alternative fuel, electric cars and autonomous driving, the nature of the auto industry is changing. New legislation, and public acceptance of new advances are also creating challenges. Canada with a formerly very robust auto sector comprising of manufactures, parts makers and suppliers, plus a healthy domestic auto market had not been immune from the ceaseless march of change and the first Automotive News Congress looked at ways the industry could face these new challenges.

For 2018, the 42nd annual World Automotive News   Congress in January 2018 will also examine how the worldwide auto industry will adapt and prosper into the future. Organized as part of the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, the most influential executives in the auto industry take the world stage in Detroit to share their plans for the coming year, and beyond.  The transformation of the auto industry is in full force, and there is still much to be determined. Major issue to be discussed include, U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade policy — whatever that is — and the effect it might have on the Canadian and Global auto industry. NAFTA-the North American Free Trade Agreement and a focus on automakers, their original-equipment suppliers and franchised car dealers from a Canadian perspective will also be major topics for debate.