2016 Mercedes – Maybach S600: Ultimate Luxury personal limo – Chauffer not included!

2016 MercedesFrom the family of the Mercedes S-Class, the highest-quality vehicle in the world, comes a new level of hand-crafted refinement, personalization and prestige: the all-new 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600. Scheduled to arrive in April 2015, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 takes the perfection of the S-Class and elevates it to even greater heights.  8.1-inches longer than the S-Class, Maybach branding is found in abundance on the S600 starting with the signature double-M ‘Maybach Manufaktur’ logos displayed on the C-pillar on both sides of the sedan. Maybach lettering also sits opposite the S600 badge on the trunk, and up front, there is the familiar Mercedes grille Meanwhile there are extra lashings of chrome trim in the air intakes and lower bumper and the Maybach S600’s rear fascia.  Exclusive 20-inch Maybach alloy wheels dress up this conservative, imposing luxury sedan.

The interior is eight inches longer than the standard S-Class, and rear passengers will appreciate   the generous legroom. Unparalleled comfort and sophistication is the watchword throughout, highlighted by hand-stitched Nappa leather trim on the headliner, pillars and entire seats—with optional seat buttons, pillows and pillow stitching on the dashboard. All in all, the Mercedes-Maybach will offer seven unique designer interior packages to choose from.

The S600 is by a mighty 6.0-liter twin-turbo V-12 that makes 523-hp and 612-lb-ft of torque.   A seven-speed automatic sends that power to the rear wheels, and Mercedes says the Maybach S600 will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.0 seconds.

It is really all about the interior when you talk Maybach, and in particular the rear compartment where Executive Rear Seats (outboard) feature electronically adjustable calf support, 43.5-degree incline angle, rear seatbelt airbags and active belt buckles a Standard Rear Seat Entertainment Package included TV screens, DVD and full digital integration.

Touted as the world’s quietest car,  the S600 arrives with an as standard uber premium Burmeister audio system, which features 24 speakers and rotating tweeters that turn towards passengers in a spiral motion for “optimum sound impression.” Meanwhile the Maybach’s air-filtration system infuses the cabin   a Mercedes-Maybach perfume called Agarwood,

The S600 is also a place to work and play for VIP’s. Powered shades that cover the windows and there are small folding alloy desks with leather surfaces that double as work stations.  VIP’s also gain 3 more inches of legroom thanks to a forward-folding front passenger seat allowing the right-rear seat to fully extend into a bed-type affair. Calf support, heel support, and an extra-soft cushion on top of the headrests further spoil rear bigwigs as does a hot-stone seat-massaging function. There are Maybach-branded champagne glasses, which also tuck in between the seats.

Drivers – probably hired will be content with a comfy front cockpit and full raft of safety systems, including lane-keep assistance, full driver aid and automatic braking assists.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 will be sold in its key markets in China and the U.S. where it will launch in April 2015.  The Maybach S600 will cost around $200,000 US. Luxury and materials, engineering and workmanship are just in another league when you talk about the S600. As Maybach says,”Step into a world of unprecedented exclusivity and individuality—a world beyond superlatives.”