Only 7% of British Columbians are “Emergency Ready”

In a survey conducted by Ipsos Reid and St. John Ambulance, 34% of British Columbians rate their household’s overall level of emergency readiness as “excellent/good”, when actually only a staggering 7% of British Columbians are technically “Emergency Ready”.

The survey is the first to describe Emergency Readiness; with a focus on the stages residents must complete to become “Emergency Ready”. The survey findings reveal that only 7% of British Columbians are “Emergency Ready”; created an emergency plan, purchased an emergency supply kit and trained in first aid and CPR.

“Our charity is on a mission to get people SET™ for Safety with Safety Education and Tools at work, home and play and to be ‘Emergency Ready’. It is not enough for people to purchase a 72 hour emergency kit, to be really ready for any emergency, one needs to have an emergency plan, a kit of supplies, be trained to administer first aid and continue to maintain their supplies and skills for an emergency,” asserts Karen MacPherson, CEO of St. John Ambulance British Columbia and Yukon.

St. John Ambulance helps BC residents to get SET™ for an Emergency today by providing safety education and tools, including a free easy to use Emergency Ready Checklist template.


To be Emergency Ready, you must start with a plan. Your plan should identify safe exits from your home, a family meeting place, emergency contact details, children and pet precautions and more. In your Emergency Ready Plan be sure to include your utilities account information, special needs requirements, medication details and finalize the various ways to protect your family and your home in case of an emergency.


Whether you’re at home waiting out a bad snowstorm, or evacuating during an earthquake, time is of the essence. Having the food, water and equipment to survive for 72 hours is vital. Emergency Kits can be stored nearby and grabbed on the go. To be Emergency Ready, you should have a kit in your home, work and vehicle.


When an emergency happens, unfortunately there are injuries. To be Emergency Ready for your family and friends, you need to be trained to provide medical support. Train yourself in first aid and CPR to be able to administer first aid in an emergency. Having supplies is not enough, you must know how to use them to safe a life.


Maintain your emergency plan, kit supplies and first aid skills to ensure you are SET™ for Safety in any emergency.  St. John Ambulance makes it very easy for you to be Emergency Ready and offers a free Emergency Ready Plan & Checklist template today for download from their website.

St. John Ambulance has 23 branches in BC and can provide you with first aid training and emergency products to empower you to take charge of injuries and emergencies this winter. Please get SET™ for Safety at work, home and play. or