2012 BMW X5

bmw1The 2012 BMW X5, designated in company promotional materials as a Sports Activity Vehicle, part sedan and part SUV.

Very few changes are anticipated for 2012 since the more dramatic ones involving over 4,000 new parts were just completed last year. Those changes, generally related to the drive train, added turbo charging, kicked up the horsepower with new gasoline engines, and made an eight speed automatic transmission standard.

Transmission and Body Style
bmw2Since these are being carried over, buyers of the 2012 X5 can be assured the transmission has proven that it is capable of instant acceleration without interruption of power. Approximately one-third of the new X5’s are expected to be equipped with the diesel-powered xDrive35d. The body style will be similar to the past models with a long wheelbase and short overhangs that give it a muscular look. The next big refresh for the BMW 5 Series probably won’t come before the 2014 model year.

The original BMW X5 was the Barvarian Motor Work’s rst entry into the SUV market. Since then, J. P. Powers has rated the X5 among the best for its agile performance and quality design. It also gets high scores for interior design. In other areas, such as safety, reliability, fuel economy, and resale value, it usually ranks near the middle when compared to other mid-size luxury SUVs. The X5 has been a strong seller for the company, both in America and internationally. One of its design elements, elevated seating, is especially impressive as it combines comfort, styling and temperature control with the additional safety feature of oering a commanding view of the road and a full view of what is happening beyond the berm.

Safety Features
bmw3BMW uses what they call Efficient Dynamic technologies to balance the safety of control with the satisfaction of performance. To this end, the BMW X5 has a lane departure warning system and side-view camera system that recognizes the edge of the road and its markings to warn the driver of unintentional lane changes. ABS and stability control are standard. It has front and rear underside protective cladding for off-road driving. Its active cruise control adapts in stop-and-go trac situations. The parking assist gives an audible warning for distances less than 12 inches.